A New Lease

When I was growing up, my mom always used to say, “I have a new lease on life,” any time something exciting was on the horizon.

Naturally, as with anything cool my parents taught me as a kid, I do the same.

So, readers, I would like to announce today that I have a new lease on life.  This used to happen to me a lot—any time something came up that I was excited about, or looking forward to, it would give me a new lease on life.  I suppose for a suicidal person, this might be too literal a sentiment, but I’m not suicidal.  (And if you are, please don’t do it.  Seriously.  Email me.  I’ll be your friend.)

Anyway, yes.  I have a new lease on life.  For awhile there I was feeling a bit blue, but I am over it 100% as of today.  Here’s why:

1.  The weather has finally cut me a break:

Weather ForecastWould you look at that?  Would you? You know what that is?  I’ll tell you—it’s amazing.  And wonderful.  And tomorrow I just might go rollerblading like a dork-fish to celebrate.

2.  I have a friend. A neighbor girl who’s young, married, and kidless (just like me), dropped in to visit me tonight.  It was kind of random, and at first I was scared because, well…I’m sort of awkward around other human beings…but I really did enjoy chatting with her.  Who knows?  Maybe she left and vowed never to come back because I’m too weird, but at least I had a friend for one night.  (Hello, Mesa.  I know I have some wonderful friends down there—I have not forsaken you.  But it’s just sort of nice to have a friend that maybe I could borrow a cup of sugar from if my mother-in-law is out of town and I break into her house anyway, but her sugar jar is empty.  You know?)

3.  This eight-page paper I received back, graded, today:

100%!!!!!!!!  A+!!!!!!!!!!!!  35/35!!!!!!!!!!

And, by the same token, this:

NO ERRORS!!!! 100%!!!!!!!

That’s an A+.  On a paper worth 35% of my final grade.  An A+…as in, 100%…as in, 35 out of 35…as in, take that, other mean professoryou don’t know everything, do you?  {I suspected as much.}  Potential? Fulfilled.  At least for now.

I still have to write two more final exams, and get one more paper graded, but do you want to know the truth?  I could FAIL every other class and still be floating on air, because this means I’m not a flop of a writer, like I once thought.

(Okay, I actually would care if I failed my other two classes, because that would be a waste of 2,000 international student tuition dollars, and I hate wasted money.  But I could pass with a low C in each class and still be happy…  Okay, okay…a high B.  Final offer.)

I feel like a celebrity. I’d like to thank “Anonymous My Sister,” for editing all my papers this semester, including this 100% award-winning blue ribbon one (it got a blue ribbon in my head).  Also, thank you to my mom and dad, who taught me to read and write—I wouldn’t be here today without you guys!  I’d like to thank Poor Kyle, for reading everything I write even though he doesn’t really like to read.  And finally, a huge thank-you goes out to the professor who gave me 100%.  I know some professors believe that NO paper can EVER be 100% perfect, because there’s always room for improvement.  Thank you, American Lit. Professor, for not being one of those.

***I threw that last bit in to see if it would qualify me for Jen’s weekly Spin Cycle, the topic of which is “celebrity” this week.  I realise it is more than just a stretch—it’s not even logical.  I thought I’d give it a shot anyway.  Jen, don’t link to me if it goes against the nature of the Spin.  I will understand.***

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20 Responses to A New Lease

  1. Holly Decker says:

    now THAT is my new lease :)

    congrats on all that happy stuff. you deserve a happy post!

  2. Tisha says:

    You can borrow a cup of sugar anytime! And stop by to visit. I may be covered in thread and my house will probably be a mess, but I’d love to see you!

  3. Shesten says:

    Congrats on the paper. I’m forgetting what college felt like, I guess that means it’s time to go back!

  4. Chloe says:

    Congrats for that A+!! You deserved it!
    In Spain the weather isn’t so good this week… Every day it’s raining! :(

  5. Deemarie says:

    Congratulations!!! And doesn’t knowing that it will be a sunshiney day just make the world bettter?!!? It was fun emailing last night too!! :)

  6. You qualify! This is an A+ Spin! You’re linked and you’re a star to me!

  7. Maureen says:

    Your weather forecast looks nice, considering you live in the frozen tundra. It is cold and cloudy here. Bleh.

  8. niki says:

    Hooray for your new lease!

    Your last paragraph totally made me think of Clueless! Tell me you know what part I’m talking about…!

  9. raygon says:

    70 degrees! I am so jealous! Wait, let me check the local weather here…..

    Oh, it is almost the same as yours! Maybe all the snow will melt and be gone for good!!! woo-hoo!

  10. raygon says:

    hey, how did you get that little green alien lady to show up by my name? I like it!

  11. Katie says:

    I love it when things just sort of change for the better all on their own. And good weather always helps! Glad you’re feeling better. Its nice to have your chipper self back! :)

  12. anonymous says:

    i’m so happy for you! 100 percent! that’s great!!


  14. shalynna says:

    That is awesome that you got 100% on a college paper, and that it is worth 35% of your grade! I’ve never gotten 100% on a paper, so I don’t know how it feels. I hate writing and I am terrible at it. But, I can detect a good writer when I find one. That is why I check your blog regularly!

    Congrats on all of this great news!

  15. DeAnna says:

    I feel that new lease on life!! To actually get out of the house and take the kids for a walk in WARM weather is WONDERFUL!!! So glad Spring has sprung for you!!

  16. Anonymous says:

    It sounds like your sister is dang amazing. You are so lucky to have her.

  17. jethro says:

    It sounds like the last comment might be from anonymous your sister. If so, you’re dang lucky. She funny.

  18. jethro says:

    Wha? I’m breaking apart…captain.
    We all have a special cartoony thingy attached to our names?
    This is groundbreaking.
    Kyle, you da man!
    I LOVE my green wavy blob on a spring.
    Way Yoda.
    i thanks ya.

  19. jethro says:

    I’m so so so very sorry for overcommenting, but i can’t help myself saying, ‘Captain and Camille’.

    you should really block me from archives.
    i’m a danger to myself and others.

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