Bead for Life Necklace Envy

I’ve been having some amazing luck lately. A few weeks ago I entered a giveaway hosted by Kelly at One Day at a Time, and wonder of wonders—I won!

Kelly wrote about this awesome organization called Bead for Life, which helps women in third-world countries earn money and become more self-sufficient. But you can (and should) read all about it at Kelly’s post.

The necklace I won is a 17-inch green beaded necklace, and I have literally worn it every day, with every outfit, since I got it in the mail last week—with black. With white. With red. I don’t know why, but this turquoisey-teal (are turquoise and teal the same thing?) necklace seems to go with everything!

(Either that or I just like it so much I don’t really care whether it matches or not. I wear it anyway.)

My favourite part is the clasp detail. No finicky mechanisms or frustrating latches (which are impossible for my arthritic fingers to maneuver); just a simple S-hook and figure eight loop. Add that to the tiny embossed charm that reads “Bead for Life,” and it’s pretty much impossible for me NOT to adore this necklace.

And here’s proof of me wearing it with my newest favourite outfit. (Poor Kyle took this picture of me just before we headed out on an hour-long walk a few evenings ago. A day or so later, I ran into my neighbor, Mrs. Flanders, who had apparently watched the whole episode from her front window and wanted to know what it was all about. It just goes to show that in Mayberry the very streets have eyes. You can’t pick your boogers here without half the town knowing about it. But Mrs. Flanders is a dear soul, bless her inquisitive heart.)

Thanks, Kelly! I am delighted with my prize.

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11 Responses to Bead for Life Necklace Envy

  1. Jordan says:

    How cool, I feel even more connected to you now since I know Kelly in real life :)

    This post also reminded me that I won something from you once, but never wrote a post about it. I feel bad :( But do you know what happened? After one wear of the flower headband, I left it on the coffee table and my dog ate it. I kid you not! Sorry about that.

  2. Jordan says:

    Oh, and PS: we’re clearly connected anyway because we’re reading Jane Eyre at the same time!

  3. LUCKY! That necklace is really cute!

  4. Alexa Mae says:

    you are so hot!! you look so good in those skinnies. and i want one of those necklaces. i love the look of it.

  5. Chloe says:

    You’re a lucky girl!!
    Love the necklace!

  6. MJ says:

    If you are lucky enough to win the lottery, don’t forget your Spanish followers ;)

  7. Kelly says:

    Thanks so much for posting about this great organization! Glad that you like your necklace…it looks great on you!

  8. Dude, Mrs. Flanders sounds creepy and totally tight.

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  10. Liz Wood says:

    Hello! You are gorgeous and I love that outfit. What a great organization! I will definitely have to look into that. Congrats on winning the necklace!

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