Better Than a Blogging Award…

I am a hero.

Not really.  But someone likes my blog a lot—enough to write a post about it titled “My Favourite Blog.”  [Only her “favourite” was spelled “favorite.”]

This is a very big day for me.  Emily said so many nice things about me; I’ve been grinning all weekend about it.  It’s a brief post, and would only take a few minutes to swing by to read—I highly recommend it.  Her blog is called “Merkley Jiating,” and I keep asking her what a Merkley Jiating is (Merkley is her last name, but Jiating?  So confused.), but she never answers.  That shouldn’t keep you from checking it out, though.  Then you can come back here and tell me how wonderful I am.  I think my head could stand to get a little bigger…

For the exact head-swelling post, click here.

But if you don’t want to do that, here’s an excerpt I particularly enjoyed reading about a million times:

“Some people have found the perfect balance between personal stories, humor, and sarcasm.  Camille is one of these people.”

…The perfect balance between personal stories, humor, and sarcasm.  How lovely.  And so reassuring to hear, because I am saddled with self-doubt nearly every day I post something new on my blog.  “Did I say too much?  Did I post too many pictures of myself looking like Quasimodo?  Is everybody going to take this the wrong way?  Am I making myself clear?  Is this boring?  Will people get offended?  Will people be captivated?  Should I quit?”

Who knows, really?

At any rate, it’s nice to be loved.  Which reminds me…

“It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.” At least, that’s what the motivational poster tacked above the chalkboard in my 9th grade (Grade 9, Canadians) biology class told me.

I’m neither important nor nice, but Emily seems to love me anyway.

Have a happy weekend.  I know I will.

About Camille

I’m Camille. I have a butt-chin. I live in Canada. I was born in Arizona. I like Diet Dr. Pepper. Hello.

You can find me on Twitter @archiveslives, Facebook at, instagram at ArchivesLives, and elsewhere.

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12 Responses to Better Than a Blogging Award…

  1. Heber says:

    I thought you should get a comment for this post even if I’m just going to say the same thing I always do.

    And when it comes down to it, if I’m only going to read one blog post; it is always one of yours.

  2. Haha. Jiating is Chinese for family. I didn’t realize I never answered. I’m sorry.

  3. Anonymous says:


    Not true. You are both important and nice. Can’t wait to see you! Just a few more days…

  4. anon10 says:

    Well, if I had a blog, I would write about your blog too. (It’s my favorite too!)

  5. Holly Decker says:

    well, if you read my comment on Emily’s “my favorite blog” entry… you will find that i quite agree with her :)
    and i am sure you already know of my love of your blog… but since this IS a blog about people who love you and your thoughts and your words and the way you use them and express them… then i shall.

    here is a poem i wrote just for this occasion:

    Camille has a blog that is filled to the brim
    with stories and pictures that leave you a grin,
    she is constant and true to her commenters who
    feel very free to leave their opinions, too!
    and thus through her blog she touches the soul
    of all who stop by and just take a scroll :)
    Camille, your archives do truly captivate me
    you have quite a gift, and you fill me with glee!

    ps. i went to the movies last night, and i will have you know that i was VERY careful to clean up after myself… just in memory of all the horrific theaters you have to clean as a NONemployee. :) arent you PROUD???

  6. NoseLess-inMesa says:

    You are the first link on my Favorites list. Yours is the second site I visit daily.
    If there’s not a post, my day is dark and gray.
    Take that as you will.

  7. Camille says:

    Heber– Your comments are awesome. Thanks so much!

    Emily Merkley– Oh, finally! An answer! Well that makes a lot of sense. Thanks for writing a post that inspired writing this post. I needed something to say for the weekend.

    Anonymous my sister– I wasn’t fishing for compliments with that quip. I am NOT nice and I am not all that important (I mean, I’m important to people who know and love me, but in the scheme of the world…that’s like…12 people). But thanks anyway. PK and I FOUND YOUR PRESENT TODAY! You’re gonna love it. Heh. Good luck with the shower.

    anon10– Sweet. Thanks!

    Holly Decker– Well, I’m dashed! I’ve written my fair share of poems about people for special occassions, but I can’t think that I’ve ever gotten one for me like this! Thanks so much. I went to Twilight last night, and thought of all the people who would be disappointed with me if I made a mess. I couldn’t do it—I’ve become physically incapable of dropping trash. Thanks for doing your share.

    NoseLess-inMesa– Where has your nose gone??? I hope it returns. Thanks for the vote of encouragement. I’ll try to keep your every weekday from NOT being dark and grey.

  8. anonymous says:

    what a great compliment! sweet. we all love your blog!

  9. anonymous says:

    Love those funny pics.

  10. Geneva says:

    How fun! It’s about time your blog got some proper recognition. It is pretty fabulous.

  11. Geneva says:

    Oh I have an idea for you! I was reading the comments from the other posts and I think you should tell your web guru (PK, this is a shout out to you) to change the color for the names of the commenters. It would be easier to see who said what. Maybe try #4EE2EC? Not really, that’s just a random one to make me sound smart.

  12. One of my biggest dreams has been for someone to spotlight my blog on theirs! It still hasn’t happened, so I have considered speculative reasons why someone wouldn’t want to spotlight me, things like unpredictability of post content, etc. But who knows… maybe some day it will happen. At any rate, congrats on the accomplishment.

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