Brave New World of Productivity

Guess what happened to me this weekend?


Productivity, indeed, in the form of a few lawn mowing machines and a bit of manual labour.  Within a few hours on Saturday afternoon, our yard went from this disaster…

Overgrown Front Lawn

…to this:

Well-maintained LawnAnd I’m not gonna lie to you—it gave me a new lease on life.

The simple act of mowing my front lawn that hadn’t been touched since two—yes, two—summers ago was healing to me.  I’d been feeling overwhelmed with my list of projects to tackle over the summer, but one item is done.  And I feel free.

John Deere Riding Lawn Mower

Poor Kyle may have gotten the riding lawn mower, but don’t be deceived—his job was way bigger than mine, because he also had to do the back yard, which has been known to look like this at times:

Overgrown Back YardYikes.

Plus, he got put on weed-whacker duty for the front yard and back.  Poor Kyle…

Also, see that ugly brown fence near where Poor Kyle is mowing (two picutres up)?  It causes me a lot of strife.  First, because, well, it’s ugly.  And second, because that riding lawn mower won’t fit through either of the two gates that fence has to offer.  So we borrow Poor Kyle’s parents’ riding lawn mower to do our boulevard and back yard, but we can never get our immediate front yard tidied up without borrowing someone else’s push mower.  Very annoying.  What’s even more annoying is that I don’t want to buy a mower for just one little stretch of grass.  But soon, my friends, it has to happen.  I can’t keep living like this:

Very Tall GrassNo good.

Tidy Front YardBut this I can live with.

In other news, I recycled a truck load of cans on Saturday, and made more money than I’ve earned since I moved to Canada two years ago…

Cans for RecyclingThis sweet load hauled in a whopping $104.80.  That’s ONE HUNDRED FOUR DOLLARS AND EIGHTY CENTS, for those of you who thought you read that wrong.

I’d like to thank the government of Canada, who, despite not allowing me to work in their country for the time being, thus making my university tuition ridiculously overpriced and causing me a lot of angst, nevertheless pays 10 cents for every can (and more for glass bottles) recycled.  And also, to those of you who specifically go out of your way NOT to recycle, I’d like to say…well, what can I say?  Nothing, really.  The proof is in the puddin’ and all that jazz.

Then, as if my hundred-dollar haul of cans wasn’t enough to top off a glorious Saturday, our neighbors randomly called and offered to buy our dog house (which was left behind by the previous owners, and has not been used by us once, save that time Poor Kyle and I had a sleepover out there) (just kidding).

dog-houseBut it totally would have been big enough for a sleepover—it’s a dog house duplex, with windows and everything.

Poor Kyle and I deliberated amongst ourselves, and came up with $100.00 as an asking price, and you know what that neighbor said?  He said, “How about $150?”

Ummm…okay.  Works for us.

So now I want to know what else I can sell—my hair?  My nail clippings?  Lemonade?  Bread?  Cinnamon rolls?  Labour?  I’m up for just about anything.

Making money has opened up a brave new world for me this week.

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15 Responses to Brave New World of Productivity

  1. malia says:

    Camille what a creature you are…to be productive, on a weekend? Heavens, I barely get myself up out of bed. Snaps to you.

    On another note, I thought of you this weekend while I made my primary class burnt butter cupcakes. See, I used the spatula I won from the gifts you so generously bestowed on the blog party. Random, I know. Just thought I’d let you know.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Congrats! Good for you.

  3. Geneva says:

    Hooray! I think I might just become a hobo can collector if it brought in that much dough! I think I’m going to start selling the golfballs that come into my yard. I figure once I have kids they can make a sign and sell them through the fence in lieu of a lemonade stand.

    But they way teacher salaries are going, I might do it myself :)

  4. Liz Wood says:

    Wow you have a really pretty yard. We cannot get ourselves to buy a lawn mower as well. Both our front and back yards look horrid! Oh well I guess… maybe we should collect enough cans to buy a lawn mower!

  5. Happy money making!!!!

  6. Holly Decker says:

    im jealous. and that is all.
    oh, and happy for you, too.

  7. shalynna says:

    Is that your house? It’s adorable! I love the fence, walkway, and grass! I can’t wait to see the garden once you’ve finished it.

    I can’t wait to own a house someday…

    P.S. Did you know recycling does not exist on Cayman? So much is wasted out here. It’s a shame.

  8. Rachel says:

    I’m applauding your efforts from Utah!

  9. So productive! Fabulous job!

    And what is that you Shalynna? No recycling in the Cayman? Sounds like the place for me…

  10. afton says:

    i say get rid of the fence completely! from this view (of the picture angle) it looks like it doesn’t do much. is it just a giant fence smack dab in the middle of your yard? demolish it.

  11. raygon says:

    That is a lot for one weekend! Good for you! Maybe you could paint that fence white? Or if you dont need it, just tear it down. (maybe you could sell it :) Hurray for you on recycling. that is two things on the way to being a total hippy! You will be there soon!

  12. Christal says:

    good for you the lawn looks awesome! I actually noticed today on the walk home when masen almost ran into the fence! And good money makin too! K took his bottles and such in and got 16 dollars he thought he was rich! I’m glad you do too dang government eh I had the same problem when I lived in logan ut!! not fun! Have a great week!!

  13. Good for you. I always feel better when I’m productive, but unfortunately it rarely happens outside of work. Your house looks really cute; I want to see all of it.

  14. Cristin says:

    You sound like I did when I discovered Ebay as a means of making money. I sold everything I could until there was nothing left that I wanted to sell.

  15. Rachel says:

    I can’t believe you get paid for recycling. We have to PAY to recycle!
    I don’t know why they don’t have incentive schemes like that everywhere – it would make people think a lot more before just chucking it all into landfill and people would probably sort their recycling better too (we just chuck it all into one bag here, but if you put in something they can’t recycle the whole bag is scrapped).

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