Bring it.

Bring back, bring back, bring back my bonny to me!


Today I would like to announce that Saturday Steals is coming back!

That’s right, my friends, Saturday Steals has gone neglected for far FAR too long. It’s coming back and it’s coming back to STAY.

Starting today. Well, starting Saturday. Well, okay: Friday.

It’s been like six months or eight, but the time has come for me to get off my sorry bottom and start being a real blogger again. Saturday Steals, though it never got huge, was always a fun feature for me. Good times were had and will be had again.

I do hope you join in the fun. Remember, the Steals will open officially on Friday evening and run all the way though to Sunday night at 11:59. This will be a weekly occurrence from here on out, so don’t worry if you miss one—you can always catch it on the flip flop.

And I can hardly WAIT to share the incredible steal I have in store for you. It was recently described by someone who saw it as “the steal of a lifetime.”

I do think you’ll agree.


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2 Responses to Bring it.

  1. Ros says:


    See you there!


  2. Chloe says:

    Saturday Steals!!
    I missed these posts!!!

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