Bust Out Your Old Flogging Molly CD ‘Cause You’re Gonna Need It

Because I was raised by education-promoting parents who, as it happened, were not overly wealthy when I was growing up, I have been ingrained with a sort of silent guilt every time I go to see a movie in a movie theatre.

Don’t get me wrong—my parents are all about having fun, and they want me to be happy, but they weren’t huge fans of movies or television in general. My sister and I had a very limited allotment of TV time, and if we ever tried to exceed our privileges, the consequences were not pretty.  I distinctly remember the TV cord getting cut when I was eight or nine years old. (Come to think of it, we were kind of poor, so I can’t imagine that my dad literally cut the cord.  He probably scrounged up some old phone cord and cut it for show, because, hello, why would they waste a perfectly good TV, but either way, the object lesson worked.)

So to say that my family did not place much value on television or movies…well, that would be putting it lightly.

We were allowed to watch movies, but going out to see them in the theatres was a rare treat, and buying food from the concession stands was not even a consideration.  We brought in our own candy from the grocery store, and we were happy with that.

Now, I can’t say for certain, but I am fairly sure that my low/middle-middle class upbringing played a major role in the guilt I feel today when I go to movies. See, Poor Kyle, he is a concession stand kinda guy. He might cringe a bit at the prices, but overall, he’s fine with plunking down cash for the treats from the movie theatre—he maintains that it adds to the experience of the movies…the ambiance.  Me?  Well, I think it’s simply dastardly of the movie theatres to charge as much as they do (six bucks for a box of Junior Mints?! Those six dollars would deny my family this week’s gallon of skim milk!), so I generally try to shy away from getting snacks there, but I must confess, Poor Kyle has numbed my righteous indignation just a bit since we got married.

But he hasn’t numbed me enough to fully assuage the guilt I feel when I go. I really hate spending that much money on a couple of hours out, and moreover, I sort of have a really huge chip on my shoulder toward the movie theatre we usually use. (But that’s old news.)

Moreover, I kind of feel uncomfortable thinking about people who go see movies in theatres on a regular regular basis (i.e. once or more a week), because not only is it a colossal waste of money, but it also seems a bit…sad. Almost as if they don’t like their own lives enough to keep with reality, and instead they look for any sort of escapism they can find, and I know it’s a generalisation but it’s really how I feel, and I don’t want to escape my life like that no matter how bad things get, y’know? (No, of course you don’t know—I’m insane and completely incomprehensible.)

Needless to say, I try to make it a point not to go to the movies very often, except it seems like I haven’t been holding my ground very well lately. Once a week for the past month or so, I have gotten quirky little texts from Poor Kyle with links to trailers of movies he wants to see, and a request that I accompany him on a little post-work/school date. I have to confess, Poor Kyle is not usually the spontaneous type, so when he does stuff like that, I hate to turn him down.  (I live in fear of breaking his spirit; I don’t think I could cope with the guilt of crushing his poor hopeful little movie-loving heart.) Plus, he doesn’t harbour such ill will toward movie theatres that I do, because he is not an English major and therefore he has not lost his faith in humanity like I have.

So we’ve been on a movie-going kick lately.

The point of all of this is to rationalise away the guilt I feel over the fact that I saw a movie recently that I liked.  A lot.

Leap Year.

Have you seen it yet?  I’m guessing you probably haven’t, because I have heard surprisingly little on the internets about this movie—I had no idea what it was even about before Poor Kyle sent me the trailer and suggested we see it.

Seriously, though?

BEST CHICK FLICK SINCE YOU’VE GOT MAIL. No lie. It has been a really long time since I’ve seen a chick flick that has fully satisfied my need for sappy impossible-in-reality romance that has not made me cringe, not even once, for crudeness, sexiness, or out-of-control improbability.

If you harbor even the slightest little bit of chick flick DNA in your genes, this movie is a must-see.  Here’s why:

Image (and interesting Ireland article) from here.

1.  It’s set in Ireland, of all places. It is beautiful beautiful beautiful, and the characters’ accents are fantastic, and hello, sigh.  I’ve been wanting to go to Ireland for years now, and this past year I’ve really been talking about it a lot (there seem to be amazing travel deals there lately), but Poor Kyle was never sold on the idea UNTIL HE SAW THIS MOVIE.  If you, too, are involved in a romantic relationship with an unadventurous travel dud like I am, take him to see Leap Year. It will save your marriage, and for way cheaper than couple’s therapy.

Image from here.

2.  No uncomfortable sex scenes! If this isn’t a selling point, I don’t know what is.  Apparently it’s all the rage in chick flicks to throw in completely unnecessary and over-the-top sex scenes which add very little value to the story line at all, and I am pretty fed up with it all.  Sex sells, supposedly, but not to me.  I hate sex. Leap Year subscribed to no such sludge, despite the fact that there were ample opportunities for it.

Image from here.

3.  The romantic tension was a perfect blend of “Oh no!” and “Squee!” I can honestly say that no chick flicks have perfected this combination since the good old days of You’ve Got Mail, A Walk to Remember, and A&E’s Pride and Prejudice (read: the mid-to-late ’90s and early ’00s). Seriously, I haven’t squeed like that in a movie theatre since I don’t know when. (Lord of the Rings II, maybe, but that was a midnight showing and I cannot be held accountable for any Legolas lust at 1:00 a.m.)

Image from here.

The only negative I can definitively pinpoint is Amy Adams’s wardrobe—it was cute, but  it seemed sadly unflattering for her body type.  Amy Adams is very pretty, and the outfits in the movie were classy, but they just looked weird on her.  Also, in the very most pivotal of pivotal scenes, someone made the unfortunate decision to style her hair with one of those 1998 zig-zag stretchy plastic dollar store headbands that we all thought were so cool until we realised they made our fiveheads and widow’s peaks stand out, and we (wisely) donated them all to Goodwill, where apparently the Leap Year costume designer (who has a secret vendetta against Amy Adams, no doubt) picked one up for a dime and viciously clawed it into her hairline for all the world to see.  (A side note: I have spent at least thirty minutes over the last week searching for an image of these atrocious fashion crimes anywhere on the internet, and still haven’t found one.  I don’t even know what they’re called.  I’m amazed that someone went to so much trouble to locate one and incorporate it into a legitimate film like this, when there are so many adorable accessories in the world right now.) It was tragic, and it would have ruined the entire movie for me, but really, at that point…

…not even an alien invasion could have ruined the movie for me.

And alien invasions have ruined many a good movie for me (Hitchcock? I Am Legend? Any and all otherwise-incredible Will Smith movies?)

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14 Responses to Bust Out Your Old Flogging Molly CD ‘Cause You’re Gonna Need It

  1. Kristen says:

    I must admit I see movies a lot. Not quite once a week, but still, a lot. In my defense it is always for a movie I want to see and not just out of boredom.

    Thank you for giving Leap Year a good review! I loved it and the critics apparently could care less (amdmph!) Oh, yes, that zig-zag headband. Yeah, those really didn’t work on anyone and if you weren’t careful it would snag on any hair it could as you tried desperately to get it off your head (or maybe that was just me…)

  2. Cristin Lassen says:

    I’m glad to hear you say something positive about Leap Year. I really wanted to see it, but it will have to wait until DVD. It got such awful reviews, but I don’t care. It looks really good.

  3. Whitney says:

    Ive been wanting to see that movie. My mom said When in Rome was funny too.

  4. Anonymous says:

    You probably couldn’t find any images of those ghastly headbands (if you can call them that) because they’ve all been burned. Ugh. Some things are just meant to stay in the past. Too, too bad about their poor choice in accessories. Almost makes me want not to see it. But the rest of your review was so good I really feel that I ought to see it. I’ll go add it to my Netflix.

  5. Chloe says:

    Oh, I’ve never heard about this movie… But after what you’ve just said… I WANT TO SEE THAT MOVIE RIGHT NOW!
    I love chick flicks!! :D I can’t help it… Sigh.
    I also feel kind of guilty when I go to the theatre. It’s so expensive!! And candies/pop corn?? One Maltesers = 6€?? Excuse me?? That’s armed robbery!

  6. Jordan says:

    We’re not movie people. We declared this back when we started dating. We’ve only seen 1 movie in the theater during the almost 2 years that we’ve been living together(and it was Harry Potter…you can’t not see HP!). Lately I’ve been getting the urge to go see movies, but it is soo darn expensive! So then we never go. I’ve seen a couple movies in the last 2 years when I go home to visit my parents and my dad offers to pay. and buy popcorn :)

    I have a friend who goes to the movies almost weekly by herself. I thought “damn, you’re wasting a lot of money!” but then she explained that she goes to the $2 theater in town. So now I think higher of her.

  7. Maureen says:

    You actually got your husband to see Leap Year with you? No, wait, he SUGGESTED it? I am impressed. I figure if I’m going to convince Matt to see a movie in the theater (he said he’d be willing to go to the dollar theater, which is a start :) I’d better choose wisely.

  8. Rachel says:

    I love films but tend to watch them as an alternative to TV (we don’t have one).
    I agree- going to the cinema is too expensive. We are quite lucky in that our cinema is really old school. It only has one screen, with a little snack bar that opens next to the screen for last minute snacks before the film starts! It’s about half the price of cinemas in the cities BUT it does mean you get the films about 4 months after everyone else!

    Thanks for the review of Leap Year. I hadn’t heard of it, but will try and see it when it comes out here.

  9. Kristen says:

    I didn’t think you were being hypocritical at all, so don’t worry. I just have a horrible habit of feeling I have to defend myself for the choices I make whether I need to or not. Must stop that : ) The only other movie I’ve seen this year has been “Up in the Air”. It was good if a bit depressing (George Clooney’s character’s view of the world is a sad, sad thing). I do want to see “Dear John” and “Valentine’s Day” at some point because I do love chick flicks. I hope they are good because as you have mentioned they are hard to find!

  10. anna says:

    Kay, I thought this movie looked cute, but the reviews I heard about it were not great. But since you said it was good and since I don’t even have to look it up on ScreenIt to assess the sex scenes, I’m pretty sure I’m going to go watch this. And I’ve only seen about three movies in the theater in the last year.

    If I don’t like it, I might send you a bill for the cost of my ticket.

    Just kidding.

  11. Molly says:

    if you google image search “toothed headbands”, I think you will find what you were looking for… I am not sure which headband she was wearing, as surprisingly, I do not recall her wearing a headband, for the life of me..

    I think that the wardrobe designers job was to NOT make her look hot. Not to make her look like a definite babe.. That he needed to fall in love with her personality and her insides, and not her outsides… of Which I think the designer did successfully…

    I tried not to be pained by your comments of people who go to movies once or more a week.

    When my husband and I got together, and for that whole first year, we saw SO MANY movies… But, we are not only movie watchers but my husband is a movie MAKER. We live for movies like bookworms live for books, and we don’t knock bookworms for reading, or the dislecxic for listening to books on tape all day long if they want… was a bit harsh… but I will try my best to move past it.

    Funny, I just finished sending you an email about movies today… I must have known what was on your mind!

  12. Ros says:


    You think the prices in Canada are bad?! I live in England, i costs me £7.20 a go to see a movie. (According to my computer that is about $12!) Pretty ridiculous huh? Thanks not even counting the price of snacks! Unfortunately I now want to see Leap Year- I feel my student grant will be spent wisely this term!

    On another note, I’ve just found your blog, and stalked your archives for a while. You really do write brilliantly.

  13. RatalieNose says:

    AMEN about the sex thing!!! SO.UNECESSARY. You’ve Got Mail + A Walk to Remember = 2 of my favorites EVER!!!

  14. TeamHaynes says:

    Because of the ridiculous tv shows that have documented Orange County, everyone thinks we’re dripping with diamonds and suntan lotion. Couldn’t be further from the truth. Both my parents worked, I think I went to the beach 10 days out of 365, and I don’t consider Cota de Caza to actually be in our county.
    I differ from you on the tv thing. I actually wish my parents would have limited my television because it became a babysitter for me so much of the time. Rather than spending quality time with people, I would drown out the world with cartoons or Nick at Nite. It was en escape that I still recognise in my life today. I am working on it though. I deleted so many programs off our tv recorder because all it was doing was feeding the habit. Sorry, that was totally a sidetrack. But nonetheless, you are probably a better person because they cut the cord on you. Even if it was the telephone…
    I think my mom has gone to about..12 movies since I’ve been alive. She’s the most frugal person I know so wasting money on a movie is not her cup of tea. As for my dad, he’s a classic movie hopper. I didn’t even know it was wrong until I was probably in high school. Hey, when you grow up with it, you just don’t know its wrong. Anyway, he will literally go on a Saturday, all. day. long. He’ll see like 5 or 6 movies and get the biggest popcorn so he gets free refills. It really erks me, but I can’t change him. No one will.
    Since I’ve inherited my mom’s frugality, I get a cup of ice at the theater, bring my own soda and candy, but splurge on the popcorn. Microwave is just not the same. And I am totally one to have some popcorn with my butter. Not good, not good. Haha, I think of grocery items when it comes to concessions too. OMGOSH, this icee costs the same as 2 weeks worth of oranges!
    I don’t get going to the movies all the time either. Not only the money, but its going to be on HBO in like 6 months people. As long as you are going with PK, you won’t crush his spirit. I’m sure he very much appreciates you going.
    Wow, you have totally convinced me to go see Leap Year. It’s at our dollar theater, and I’m really going to take Taylor tomorrow. I’m pretty sure I will have to bring a box of tissues with me, but I should be feeling better then. A movie without a ridiculous/totally unromantic because they really don’t love each other, that’s just lust/awkward love scene? I’m sold! Thank you! Is this:
    what you are talking about? Haha, I know exactly what you mean. I will report back my critique soon!

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