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What did your eyebrows ever do for you?

The other day I wore contact lenses for the first time in almost a year. I was trying to put forth a little more effort into my appearance, because a good friend of mine microbladed my eyebrows the day before … Continue reading

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On Hutch at 2 Years Old

This weekend we visited family down in Montana, and on our drive home through the Rocky Mountains I grew pensive. Long mountain drives often have that effect on me. I looked out the window at the greenness of it all, and … Continue reading

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Paris the Ninth: Versailles and Class’s end

Was going through the drafts in my draft box and found this. No time like the present to post three year-old photos! Except perhaps three years ago. ••••••• This is an update of the amazing trip I took to Europe … Continue reading

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Routine, or The Days of Our Lives

I’m three weeks into being back at work and I am finally getting into a groove. Most of the time our days look something like this: 5:30-6:00—Hutch wakes up crying in the next room over. In the morning he always … Continue reading

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Static Progress/Progressive Stasis, or What’s been happening with me

I decided not long ago that I need to stop stressing about writing beautifully and start worrying about simply writing. And writing simply. So today I wanted to get back to the basics of this blog and share a bit … Continue reading

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