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The baby is a boy. (This will come as no surprise to you if you follow me on Instagram, where I also post fairly regular photos of my ever-growing midsection. It’s not pretty. But you’re welcome to join me if … Continue reading

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Pregnancy Update: Week 17

Back when I announced I was pregnant I sort of expected that people would be annoyed by pregnancy update posts. I didn’t plan on writing too many of them for fear of alienating what few readers I had left (after … Continue reading

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Every Pity Needs a Party

In my prenatal class the other night (yes I’m taking prenatal yoga, it’s my childhood yuppie dream come true), while chatting with my fellow pregnant classmates before class started, the topic of registering (i.e. for baby gifts) came up. Classmate: … Continue reading

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What I’m Eating During My Pregnancy

This post could really be summed up in two words: ramen noodles. But what’s the point of a two-word post? Why use two when 500 will also do… I grew up loving ramen noodles, and though it’s been easily 5 … Continue reading

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Pregnancy Myths and Disappointments

Our baby is due August 3rd. Yet anybody who has been my friend (real friend, e-friend, or otherwise) for any period of time will recall that I hate August. The irony of this situation abounds. Poor Kyle, in his wonderfully … Continue reading

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Well I’m Pregnant

Well I’m pregnant. The day I found out I was pregnant was a day like any other, minus the normalcy and plus the nervous breakdown. I left work early that day thinking I was coming down with the flu. I … Continue reading

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It’s the night before my 26th birthday. Twenty six years ago tonight my mother was laying in bed wondering when I’d be born. Was she nervous? Was she scared? Exhausted? Worried? Anxious? Excited? I think I know how I would feel … Continue reading

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