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Bloom When You Are Planted

Bloom where you are planted, they say. How about bloom when you are planted. It’s weird having two kids. And hard. I feel like too many instagrammers make motherhood seem just joyful and blissful and heavenly all the time, and it’s weighing … Continue reading

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The baby is a boy. (This will come as no surprise to you if you follow me on Instagram, where I also post fairly regular photos of my ever-growing midsection. It’s not pretty. But you’re welcome to join me if … Continue reading

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Every Pity Needs a Party

In my prenatal class the other night (yes I’m taking prenatal yoga, it’s my childhood yuppie dream come true), while chatting with my fellow pregnant classmates before class started, the topic of registering (i.e. for baby gifts) came up. Classmate: … Continue reading

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Do you ever feel overcome with the undeniable urge to do something drastic in your life? I do. Sometimes it’s selling all my worldly possessions for a one-way ticket to Paris and my first month’s rent, and I’ll figure the … Continue reading

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If I had been clever 9 months ago I would have chosen a theme word for my 2012. I’ve read about the concept on blogs lots before and it seems like a good idea—declaring a theme for one’s year—but for … Continue reading

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Ends meet

I am a words girl, and as such, I know a lot of phrases. But one phrase in particular I never quite understood: to make ends meet. A common phrase, it’s clearly impossible to number how many times I’ve written, … Continue reading

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