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On Holden at 5 Months (though he’s actually 6 months now)

Holden. At 5 months he has zero teeth (a fact which brings me great joy, because I am obsessed with his gummy little grin and I know that once he gets teeth he’ll start going through that weird-looking phase that all … Continue reading

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Bloom When You Are Planted

Bloom where you are planted, they say. How about bloom when you are planted. It’s weird having two kids. And hard. I feel like too many instagrammers make motherhood seem just joyful and blissful and heavenly all the time, and it’s weighing … Continue reading

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I have a one year-old

Here is what I wrote in my journal around this time exactly one year ago: Thursday 8 August, 2014 I feel like this day has passed in ultra-slow motion. It is the day before literally the biggest day of my life … Continue reading

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