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On Showering

(Token Hutch picture that actually has nothing to do with this post.) They really weren’t kidding when they said how difficult it would be to squeeze in a shower when you have a baby. ┬áThis is in part for two … Continue reading

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The baby is a boy. (This will come as no surprise to you if you follow me on Instagram, where I also post fairly regular photos of my ever-growing midsection. It’s not pretty. But you’re welcome to join me if … Continue reading

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Do you ever feel overcome with the undeniable urge to do something drastic in your life? I do. Sometimes it’s selling all my worldly possessions for a one-way ticket to Paris and my first month’s rent, and I’ll figure the … Continue reading

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Ends meet

I am a words girl, and as such, I know a lot of phrases. But one phrase in particular I never quite understood: to make ends meet. A common phrase, it’s clearly impossible to number how many times I’ve written, … Continue reading

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Please don’t laugh

But I’ve decided to write a book about marriage. I am smiling but this is not a joke. Well, it IS a joke. But I’m still going to do it. I tried and tried to write a novel but my … Continue reading

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How to Make Proper Canadian Squares

In Canada there is this thing called Squares. It’s a dessert. It’s very common. It’s nothing I’d ever heard of before until I moved here. Don’t believe me? Look what happens if you google “squares:” Exactly what you’d expect to … Continue reading

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