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Oh, the hardships I endure before 7 a.m.

***This post is published in conjunction with the Spin Cycle over at Sprite’s Keeper. Today’s subject is “confessions.” Click here to read more of the internet’s most confessional posts.*** Morning people are so annoying. So judgmental. They think just because … Continue reading

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I submit…

…that this… …is the most beautiful, adorable, precious-in-an-utterly-squeezable-kind-of-way child ever to walk the face of the planet.  And I dare anyone to challenge it.  If you think yours (the fruit of your own loins, or that of your sibling’s/child’s/neighbor’s) can … Continue reading

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No ‘Poo Update—Week 2, Baby!

As I was leaving church yesterday, a tiny elderly lady approached me. “Have you done something different with your hair?” she asked.  “I see you sitting up there playing the organ and my husband and I were trying to figure … Continue reading

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No ‘Poo For You {well, me, but “you” rhymed better}

Friends, I have an announcement.  This is big.  I’m really excited. Starting this month, I will be joining a myriad/of/people/in/the/world who DON’T USE SHAMPOO! It’s the no ‘poo movement, and I’m hopping on board. It started out like this: I … Continue reading

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The Millionaire Adventurer {My Calling in Life}

Remember Steve Fossett, the Millionaire Adventurer who died in a plane wreck in September of 2007? It’s okay if you don’t; my own head was kind of exploding when it was being reported, so I didn’t hear anything about it … Continue reading

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I Don’t Like People.

I am on a rampage. That’s right—I’m mad.  Spitting mad, if you want to know the truth [though the spitting part has more to do with the phlegm I always seem to wake up to every morning, and less to … Continue reading

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How to Survive a Multi-hour Road Trip in Five Easy Steps

Our trip is nearly over, and by “nearly” I mean absolutely, definitely. All we have left is the drive home, and that’s never any fun.  Can you blame me?  I should think not—it’s 30 hours in a truck (albeit a … Continue reading

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