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The Selling of the House, Moving of the House, and Buying of the New House (and the New Baby)

Whew. It hardly seems possible that it’s been almost four months since I last posted, but then that’s par for the course around these parts lately. So, a brief update, in order of occurrence and not necessarily importance: March 9, 2015: … Continue reading

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Routine, or The Days of Our Lives

I’m three weeks into being back at work and I am finally getting into a groove. Most of the time our days look something like this: 5:30-6:00—Hutch wakes up crying in the next room over. In the morning he always … Continue reading

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What to do for an itchy ear

My right ear’s day started normally enough. Woke up, heard things, the usual… Little did it know there was evil lurking just moments away… …evil in the form of an Itch. At first it was only a little itchy…Then it … Continue reading

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