Cath Kidston is amazing, amen.

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I’ll never forget the first time I saw one of The Bags.

I was riding the Metro in Paris from La Defense (where our crummy hotel was) to Champs-Elysees to behold some French beauty. There I was, standing up, clutching a germ-infested metal bar and swaying along with the gentle rocking motion of the train, when out of the corner of my eye, I saw it: a spotted wonder.

It looked like this:

Image from here.

It was so lovely; I couldn’t take my eyes off it.

So entranced was I that when the woman holding The Bag got off two stops ahead of the one I’d been planning on taking, I followed her (from a safely non-creepy distance) just so I wouldn’t have to be out of its presence.

I could see the hint of a label affixed to The Bag but I couldn’t make out what it said. “I have to know more about This Bag,” I thought to myself, capital letters included. I very nearly approached the woman but chickened out when she stopped at a café and kissed a very handsome man on the cheeks before sitting down to have some sort of delicious concoction whose name I couldn’t begin to pronounce.

Defeated, I began looking for another Metro station, vowing to learn more about The Bag before I left the continent.

It had been a thirty minute detour but it was worth every second.

Throughout the rest of my trip I saw a few more of Those Bags, but it wasn’t until I met up with my wonderful friends in England that I learned the name that would change my life:

Cath Kidston.

I even saw one of her shops in the St. Pancras [Pancreas] train station, but I didn’t leave myself enough time to sniff around it.

It’s okay, though—just another reason to get me back there someday.

There are truly not words good enough to describe how I feel about this designer and her craft, so I will leave you with these following images and let you ruminate on the beauty for yourselves:

Image from here.

Image from here.

Image from here.

Image from here.

And that, my friends, is Cath Kidston, owner of the world’s most beautiful mind.

Let me see by a raise of hands whose life is now changed.

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  1. Lindy says:

    If my whole house could look like those photos I would be so happy! Failing that I might just have to save up for one of the bags! xxx

  2. the MIL says:

    I really want that CAKE.

  3. Erin says:

    I need that phone cover, like, immediately!

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