Change {the Second}

Here at the new-and-digressed [as was so gleefully pointed out by many readers yesterday] Archives of Our Lives, a lot of things have changed {for the worse, evidently}.  One thing that has not changed is the fact that every Thursday almost like clockwork, I will be posting an answer to one question from one reader, asked previously {by email or comment}.

If you are new to this website [that would include everyone, inasmuch as even I am new to this website] and have been able to stomach the hideous colours, insufferable font, tiny print, annoying comment features, and everything else that makes you hate me (indirectly, via my blog), then…welcome.

This is the first question I will answer on the new-and-reduced Archives of Our Lives.  Enjoy [though you probably won’t, all things considered].

Q [from Anonymous]:  Why, oh why, are you going into the field of museum whatever when you are so obviously talented in writing. It makes absolutely no sense at all to me. I am baffled, seriously baffled. I mean how can you even get a job in museum whatever where you live? You can write anywhere.

A [from me]:  Hi, Anonymous!  Who are you?  That’s a good question, and one I’ve taken pause to ask myself over the past month.  Well, good news: I’m not.  Not anymore, that is.  I have forsaken the one subject in college which actually appealed to me (art history) and changed over to English.  It’s almost official–I’m just waiting on word from Satan Admissions that the deal is done.

All my life I have heard “Don’t choose a career based on money–do what you love, and the money will follow…or else it won’t, but at least you’ll love your life.”

And today, I am taking that advice and shoving it down the toilet, along with all my dreams of being a curator for the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.  Sewage, all of it.

Fact: I live in rural-ish Canada now.  Fact: My neighbors are farmers.  Fact: They hate museums.  (Okay, the last two may have been generalisations, but it got the point across.)  There is one decent museum within the range that I would be willing to commute every day, and there are only a handful of paid positions available there.  Who knows when one of those positions will become available?  Not I.  Furthermore, in these times of economic difficulty that are supposedly taking over the world, museums and culture will be the first to go.

With a degree in English, I will be the one writing about how sad it is to see them go.

Quite frankly, if I ever intend to become a working member of society, I would rather do it from the comfort of my own home with my laptop, than flipping burgers at the A&W™, which is where a degree in Museum Studies would get me now {though burger flippers make $15.00 an hour up here}. With a degree in English, my options are more on the broad side of unemployed.

Do I feel like I’m selling out?  Yes.  Absolutely I do.  Do I feel empty–hollow–inside?  Ummm…yes.  Did I vomit in my mouth, swallow it, and gag again on the taste when I looked at the course list I’ll be enduring for the next infinitismal (infinitely dismal, see) semesters?  All that Shakespeare?  All those research papers?  All the poems? Yes, I vomit.  Am I doing it anyway?  Yes.


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I'm Camille. I have a butt-chin. I live in Canada. I was born in Arizona. I like Diet Dr. Pepper. Hello. You can find me on Twitter @archiveslives, Facebook at, instagram at ArchivesLives, and elsewhere.
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29 Responses to Change {the Second}

  1. jeff says:

    K, that anon was not me, just so you know.
    English is a great major.It wasn’t mine, but i loved all the classes in English i took in my first degree. I did have one in poetry, loved it. It was nice to take classes in whatever interested me, i was in no particular hurry to finish school.(Though i did leave with 80G in student loan). My major was Psychology..another burgerflipper major, but classics, philosophy, art history, sociology, and the huge raft of sciences i took where all great fun. I think you will do well with whatever you choose. (And you could make scads of cash writing).

  2. jeff says:

    Oops..”were great fun”. My eyes must not be quite open yet.
    Hey, i heard you have a p/t job with Kyle, that’s awesome. 1700 a month, that’s good cash. The couple that clean my restaurant every morning make excellent money, and they really seem to enjoy working together.
    Way to go!

  3. Carmen says:

    The change is good. I like change. The other blog was good too. Why did you switch? Do you pay for this blog?

  4. HeatherPride says:

    I understand why you did it. I did the same thing in college – left my passion for something more practical. I ended up regretting it, so just make sure you are doing the right thing for you. You’re a smart, and tough, cookie though. You’ll come through it all just fine! Maybe you can combine your two interests and get a job reviewing museum exhibits!

  5. bRAD says:

    I think it’s great that you have a new site. Having your own domain name is a big deal. Don’t listen to all the people who don’t like the new site. For me it’s all about content, written content, and that hasn’t changed. A few months from now you’ll have this thing set up the way you want and you’ll be a pro at HTML and nobody will even remember the blogspot site.

    As for school, I say don’t study something you don’t want to. It will just make school long and painful. Any degree in the liberal arts college is as good as another. Plus a bachelors degree is just a started degree these days anyway. It’s been my thought that it’s not as important what my degree is in as long as I have one (at least I have to tell myself that becadue I’m studying philosophy).

  6. Holly Decker says:

    agreeing with bRAD (gosh i hate that he loves his name so much! i mean, i DO love MY name, but HONESTLY!)… i am proud of you for taking the leap of making your own site… and i rather like it. i know you will “cutesie” it up with time… and i am in no rush. after all, us REAL fans- we come for the writing… and for the camille.

    WHICH brings me to my next thought: i actually was wondering the same things as anon- and i am glad you answered. it seems to me that NO MATTER what major you pick- you end up having to take SOME classes that you dont like, SOME classes that dont even apply, and SOME classes that are wretched. so… God bless in your journey and um- frankly- in my opinion- NO DEGREE would make YOU a better writer… you already have it. if you wrote a book today and published it… i bet it would rock house. and lets be honest- i would buy it (or at least READ it)… in fact i have been pondering the “job” of authors lately… it seems like such an interesting life. and actually one that fits you well :)

  7. Whitney says:

    You are going to be such a great writer! I like the new website. its different.

  8. Whitney says:

    I did notice my blog is not listed in who you are reading. Camille, are you ashamed of me?

  9. Allison says:

    Bravo! Good choice

  10. Anonymous says:


    Because I still want to be known as anonymous, I’m signing my comment as such. You are going to be an excellent author. I truly believe that once you start taking these English classes that you will like them. Even–gasp!–SHAKESPEARE. I felt the same as you; I waited until the semester before my student teaching to take Shakespeare because I dreaded it so much. I found out, though, that I really, really like it, and I even had an awful teacher. Give him a chance.

  11. Jami says:

    i am with holly. you could write a book right now, and it would be out of this world!!!!do whatever you want, but just know that i want a signed copie of whatever you write.

  12. firstanon says:

    aaah, that’s who asked this anonymous question. very subtle, ladies. almost imperceptible.
    RSS stands for “really simple syndication”, means the technology that enables your website to offer feeds. a feed,in your case, is like a subscription to one post and all ensuing comments. when we open our browsers, any feeds we have subscribed to will download new content from our subscribed feeds, and indicate new content by changing the feed button from grey to orange. click the feed button to see new content. AND, it comes in a different format, white page, big black font.
    and, you don’t get a new email everytime someone adds a in blogger.

  13. i totally wanted to be an english major at one point in my life, until i had a couple vile teachers who killed my dream. I say do what you want and forget what others have to say about that. I will say that it hurts my eyes to read the posts with this said font color, but I will try to be patient and return in the future.

  14. i totally wanted to be an english major at one point in my life, until i had a couple vile teachers who killed my dream. I say do what you want and forget what others have to say about that. I will say that it hurts my eyes to read the posts with this said font color, but I will try to be patient and return in the future.

  15. RatalieNose says:

    Follow the Yellow Brick Road Camille.

  16. anonymous says:

    you can do it and you’ll have fun! by the way it’s ok i don’t get the little anon bubble bc it keeps my anon info typed in the little boxes automatically if that makes sense:)

  17. Camee says:

    Jeff– Thanks for the vote of encouragement. I hope I can find a profitable career to make something of myself. For now, our little part-time venture is enough to get me through school and us out of debt. Working together should be fun. Thanks!

    Carmen– Yes, I do pay for this blog. I wanted to switch over to a self-hosted blog because it seemed more professional, and I hope to someday make this little website work for me. Maybe…right now it’s just a dream, though.

    HeatherPride– Luckily I do enjoy writing (hence the blog that I make you read every day)–I just like doing it on my OWN terms. Studying Ye Olde English Lit sounds like a real drag to me. But it’s a means to and end {the end being that I’ll have a reference to back up my name in the world of writers}. I’m hoping never to lose my passion for art history–maybe I can write for a travel company and still be able to see the world. Or your museum idea was a good one, too. That’s the spirit!

    bRAD– Wow, of all the Rad Brad comments you’ve made lately, this was by far the raddest. Thanks for the confidence booster. Trust me, when this blog is finished, it will be incredible. As far as my degree…I subscribed to that same school of thought (up until a week ago). I finally decided, though, that I would be too embarrassed to walk into a newspaper or magazine with nothing to back up my good name besides a blog (albeit a self-hosted blog), that I have to face the foes of English. Both writing and art history are things I enjoy–if one can make me money, I may as well go for it.

    Holly Decker– Your comments are getting better every day! Feel free to keep on reading, because when you do, and you comment, I feel invincible. I don’t think I’m as good as you think I am, but go ahead and keep thinking it all the same!

    Whitney– You are listed; I just changed you to “Ach and Winnie,” because that’s the name at the top of your blog. I’m trying to call people’s blogs by what they want to be called. So instead of being “The Vance Family,” you’re “Ach and Winnie.” And instead of being “Camille in Canada,” I invite people to call this blog “Archives of Our Lives.” Thanks for the vote of approval.

  18. Camille says:

    Allison– Bravo to you too! Thanks!

    Anonymous my sister– Because I am trying to be open-minded, I will accept your invitation. I will start my Shakespeare classes with a blank slate–no preconceived notions.

    Jami– Thank you so much! You’ll get one, I promise.

    firstanon– You sound like a technological genius. Wanna write HTML for me? Just kidding, Poor Kyle would be hurt if he found out I was subcontracting his end of this deal out to anonymous readers. But thanks for the lesson, anyway.

    Molly Shumway Rawlins– Thanks! I will try and change the font colour, size, and style just as soon as I can. It will be the first thing to go, I promise. Even before the little yellow flowers.

    RatalieNose– I will, dear. I will. ?

    Anonymous– Oh, good. I’m so glad you aren’t put out with me!

  19. Camille, I think you’re wrong. In times of economic distress, museums and culture will not be the first to go… rather, I’d like to think people will turn to them more :) I onced dreamed of being a museum curator too, and then an architect. I ALWAYS wanted to be an architect, but I took the more practical route and became a designer. It turned out to be the best decision I made.

    So hooray for English. You’re a fantastic writer.

    p.s. When my husband switched his major to English, I think his happiness increased tenfold.

  20. Sorry, twelve millionth comment today, but I just read on Whitney’s blog that you already have your tree decorated, and I want to see pictures!! I am so excited to do christmas decorations at my house, but for that I think I have to wait until after thanksgiving, when I have some dollars. (I would love to see yours for inspiration… you are my martha stewart :)

  21. Geneva says:

    Fun new digs! And do realize that you can always minor in Art History. And I would argue that they are both part of humanities. Don’t feel like too much of a sell out. Just a shift in priorities.

  22. anonymous with reason says:

    Okay, that was my question. Now I feel woried because I feel almost responsible for your decision. I feel as if I just told someone they would look good with a certain haircut, but when they get it, it doesn’t look so great (Granted, I didn’t make this decision for you, but maybe I ignited your decision or something) But after rereading your reasons for switching your major, I feel better. I think wanting to major in art history was kind of a romantic dream of yours, but to say you are mainly switching over for the money can’t be true. Come on, you know writing is one of your passions as well. I think you’re scared that you won’t do as well as we all think you will. Sure, pursuing this dream may be hard, but that’s just life. I’m sure you will get through all the difficulties and have a great future.

  23. Camille says:

    Angela Hardison– I hope you’re right. Then you can tell me you told me so.

    Molly Shumway Rawlins– In due time (i.e. how about next week when PK comes home with my camera?). ME??? Your Martha Stewart??? Heavens. That is flattery to the nth degree!

    Geneva– I know, I’ve thought about minors (up here they only have double majors) in either French or Art History, but at this point I am already years behind my high school graduating class, and I just want to finish. Instead of minors, I’ve decided to simply…take more classes (like, one at a time, on the side) if I want to pursue art history. Or maybe land a sweet job in a museum that will pay for my degree. Or maybe win the lottery and move to Morocco and forget the whole dadgum thing.

    Anonymous– Oh, don’t fret. Yes, you were the one who asked it in comment form, but people have been pestering me to do it for years. I’ve been thinking about it myself for almost as long, so don’t worry. Give yourself SOME credit, of course (I always like giving [or taking] credit when credit is due), but don’t lose any sleep over it. Plus, like you said…writing is one of my passions, as well. Fear not.

  24. You’re my real life Martha Stewart. See, I don’t think of Martha as a real person, because she can pay people to give her ideas and take credit for them, you are the real thing, and a whole lot less pretentious.

  25. Hey Blogger readers— i made a discovery– You can add her to your blog list on your blog, just not to the “following list”, if that makes sense. It will still even tell you if there has been a recent update if you set it up to do that, which is great, I am happy enough with that :) what a relief!

  26. That is quite a leap! Emily Dickenson?!… Shakespere?! Ooh…

    But you can do it! Truly, I know that you can! Feel free to call my when you need late night paper-writing support :)

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