Contestant #4

I said my nephew was the cutest kid in the world.  Katie begged to differ.  She writes, “I hereby submit the attached photo to you as evidence that my son, Beanie, is the cutest kid to ever walk the planet.  And I one up it by also declaring he is the smartest.  He can, after all, chew his hands.  BRILLIANT!”




IMG_3787{And I admit—I do sort of want to put him on a bun and gobble him up.}

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3 Responses to Contestant #4

  1. anonymous says:

    cuteee kid

  2. i vote for this one so far :) so cute! the hair is amazing.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I can’t imagine whose adorable child this is, but he is the most perfect human being I’ve ever seen. And his mother must be beautiful, too, to have made such a clearly superior child.

    Katie…I mean, Anonymous

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