Contestant #6

We’re hosting a contest to see who knows the cutest kid on earth.  Alyssa writes, “I’m nominating this little chicken nugget for the 6mo girl category. My next door neighbor Lauren…”


l2Alyssa, I hope it’s okay with your neighbor that I have pictures of her adorable daughter on my blog…

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2 Responses to Contestant #6

  1. shalynna says:

    I haven’t commented in forever! How are you?

    This contest is a great idea and this is one cute little girl.

    When I’m not so lazy I’ll upload pictures and nominate someone (obviously one of my cute nieces or nephews).

    By the way…. I don’t care what you say, but I think you are going to have a baby soon. Look at your posts lately- all about adorable children. You are hooked and soon you’ll be a mom of eight before you know it. Ha! :)

  2. if i also wasn’t so lazy, i would send in photos of pretty much all my nieces/nephews. i’m the same way as you… i can’t have a kid because i’m scared they won’t compare.

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