Contestants #7, 8, and 9

Rachel has decided to join the competition to see who knows the cutest kid in the world.  She writes:

Hey Camille,

Firstly, I would like to nominate my sister’s son and daughter:

338 Bilberry Juice 26_08_07

I love this photo as they had just eaten lots of bilberries and their expressions make me smile!

However, maybe a bit too old to compare to the current age range of nominees…?  So I also nominate one of my brother’s daughters, Annie:

Annie with the eyes

Annie with the eyes 2I think we can conclude, if nothing else, that all the children in our family have adorable eyes!

Hope you’re okay, from Rach

Rachel, what I want to know is this: Is there something in the water over there that produces such adorable children?  Or is it just the bilberries?  (By the way, what is a bilberry?  I’ve never heard of such a thing!)

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I'm Camille. I have a butt-chin. I live in Canada. I was born in Arizona. I like Diet Dr. Pepper. Hello. You can find me on Twitter @archiveslives, Facebook at, instagram at ArchivesLives, and elsewhere.
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  1. Rachel says:

    Bilberries are like small blueberries. They’re quite hard to grow apparently but you find them all over the place near us :)

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