Dadgummit to the Max.

I’m so vain; I once considered myself an expert traveler.  Sadly, my friends, I must be out of practise.  Rusty even.

*Note*  When taking a trip wherein crossing international borders is part of the itinerary…

…it might be helpful to remember your passport.  They’re kind of, sort of, marginally…necessary.

Poor Kyle never forgets his.  I remembered mine, but it was five hours too late.

Luckily we have some good friends who were willing to drive it out to our location.  Meanwhile, we’re waiting in the parking lot of a Husky™ station that just so happens to have free WiFi.  A hidden treasure.

I took the opportunity to fill my daily exercise quota, and went shopping at a nearby mall.

For $8, I got…

A $2 toque {beanie} that actually sort of looks marginally okay on me…

{Which, trust me, is a rarity indeed…} By the way, Poor Kyle’s sister Amy totally got ripped off when I bought this hat.  She inspired me.  Sorry I’m such a copy cat, Amy.  But you’re my own personal Stacy and Clinton, so…it is what it is, I guess.

{Two pairs of mitten-gloves.  Glittens?  Mloves?  They’re something I’ve always wanted, and at $2 a pair, happiness came cheap…}

…And a pair of [not pictured] grey tights (also $2).  I’ve not worn a pair of tights since I was a wee lass, but I hear they’re making a comeback.  Plus, it’s really cold at church in Canada with bare legs.  Up ’til now, I’ve resorted to growing out my leg hairs as a measure of warmth.  I guess I can finally shave.

So, although I’m really irked with myself, and have self-revoked my previous status as Expert Traveller, at least I got some cheap winter wear out of the deal.

Thus begins the Reading Week Roadtrip of 2009…  Stay tuned for these and more.

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I'm Camille. I have a butt-chin. I live in Canada. I was born in Arizona. I like Diet Dr. Pepper. Hello. You can find me on Twitter @archiveslives, Facebook at, instagram at ArchivesLives, and elsewhere.
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17 Responses to Dadgummit to the Max.

  1. Oh man. That stinks!

  2. anna says:

    Tights are cool. I wear footless ones to church (gray w/ black polka dots) and get some lovely looks, but hey, I’m warm.

  3. Anonymous says:


    I’m really sorry. Were Stu and Linda the sweet friends who brought out the passports? They’re such good folks. The hat looks amazing on you, by the way. As usual. Hats have ALWAYS looked good on you. I’ve told you that from day one. Again, if you would just listen to me…

    And by the way, I can TOTALLY tell that you’ve lost weight. Your face looks thinner. And as always, you look beautiful. You must have gotten the looks of the gene pool. And the brains. And the wit. And the charm. Crap. Thanks for taking it all! You could have left me a little… :)

    When are you coming again? Seeing these pictures of you made me homesick for you for some reason…

  4. jeff says:

    You said it, that Amy is a way stylin’. I love the toque pic of her on her blog. And does she know how to photo them pretty girls or what?
    Your sis is so funny, always makes me laugh, and reads you like a book. Close sibs are great. I never thought you looked big in the face, all the change i’ve noticed is you look happy happy, joy joy. Good for you.

  5. jeff says:

    And thank you for mentioning Stacy and Clinton. Love ’em. You did it again.
    I’m gonna call you “The Referencer”. Heheh.
    In a loving way of course.

  6. HeatherPride says:

    Oh no!!! If you were married to the Skipper instead of Poor Kyle you would never hear the end of that one. Hopefully PK is a lot more gracious!!

  7. Whitney says:

    Dont you hate when you forget important things? Ive almost forgotten my passport several times. I guess I was just so used to my dad always having it and getting it for me. When I got married… well lets just say Zach isnt quite as prepared as my dad is.

  8. jami says:

    I will never tell anyone that I am an expert traveler…I LOVE to travel…but I don’t do good at it.
    One time when I was in China we were on a sleeper train. We had these little “fanny packs” if you will that you put around your waist and then tucked them into your pants (so that you could put your money, passport, ID, or anything of value in them) Well you are SUPPOST to wear them ALWAYS. But I was so uncomfortable on the sleeper bed, that I took it off while I was sleeping and tucked it underneath my pillow. Well the next mornign we got all of our stuff together, and got off the train.
    When we were almost ready to exit the train station I realized that I had forgotten my pack ON THE TRAIN. OH my. The whistle sounded for the train to leave. So Kami and I RAN and fast as we could. and got it just in time.
    Yes, it was terrible. My heart is racing just reliving the expirence.
    So don’t feel bad…others have done worse.

  9. dad gum it! that sounds like something i would do… and i have done several times with my temple reccommend!

    but i am glad you made the most of it :)
    AND… look at you gettin’ all cute and fashionable! i love all of your purchases… so fun! i am jealous. i hope to look as cute when i pop this baby out and lose 50lbs …

    oh and um, i, too… wonder… glittens? mloves? seriously. they need a cool name.

  10. Kyle's Granny says:

    Oh Camille, forgetfullness is somehow akin to Godliness, (or should that be “clealiness”)… I forget! I’ve never forgotten my passport, but one time I got all the way to the temple entrance in Cardston (from Edmonton), only to discover I didn’t have my recommend. What a kerfluffle that resulted in, the temple had to phone my stake president in Edmonton, and I felt like a small little dumb stupid earth worm. Thank heaven the stake prez knows me very well, and my shortcomings! Yay for Dave Henderson!

  11. EverybodyNose says:

    Sad. Day.
    But HAPPY!
    You’re so HOTT cAmIlLe

  12. raygon says:

    Cute hair (I am loving it curly). cute hat. cute convertible mittens. what are you reading?

  13. my says:

    I’m voting for, glove like mittens.

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  15. niki says:

    so it was you! you look so different without your glasses. i really like that look on you! yes, the hat was worn quite, quiet well. see girl, you can do it. i’m totally jealous of your incredibly cheap and fabulous purchases. the glittens are great.

  16. jacque says:

    you are so funny. its a lot colder in arkansas then it was in arizona and sometimes i dont shave. so i understand how you must feel. but, in addition to tights i have worn leg warmers and they are quite a hit. the 80’s never go out of style.

    ps. i’m glad we found each others blogs & its ok if our rings look alike.

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