Day 11: Mental Break/List Day

I’m a bit oversaturated today, so instead of composing my thoughts into coherent paragraphs, I’m just going to make a list. Maybe I’ll give myself permission to take a semi-break from this project every so often, and just write lists instead of official posts. That way I can still keep up on my goal of daily writing, but not be so stressed about a quality post

  • Hutch has been in the same level of swimming lessons since August. He seems to be getting better, but slowly. He still doesn’t really know how to hold his breath and it’s kind of difficult to swim without that life skill. I’m jealous of my Arizona friends who have access to ISR swim lessons, and whose 6 month-old babies can swim fully clothed! Amazing.  
  • This article about medicine shortage in Venezuela is freaking heartbreaking. It sounds like the Walking Dead down there. The fact that there are donated medical supplies waiting in warehouses that the government won’t allow in makes me furious. I want to do something to help. I’m also amazed at how hard the parents fought for their little girl, and can only hope I would have the strength to fight as hard for my own children (but I pray nothing so bad ever happens that I would have to).
  • Hutch’s pronunciation of words is amazingly accurate, with the exception of “lellow” for yellow and “f” for “th” (think “toof” and “Berfa”). It’s pretty cute. 
  • Holden doesn’t sleep through the night. And he doesn’t sleep in his own crib. These two facts mean that I’m super tired almost constantly. I know something needs to change but the thought of weaning him is so overwhelming that every night I just put it off for “one more night.” I remember when I used to sleep, soundly, all night. It was bliss. Well, at least he’s adorbale when he does sleep:
  • We are thinking of taking one last trip to Arizona before Kyle’s green card process makes it more difficult to cross the border. The thought of being there is wonderful. The thought of getting there makes me weep. 
  • Thinking I was being proactive, I went to the basement to dig up Hutch’s old 12-18 month clothes to hang in Holden’s closet since he’s 10 months old today. There were two bins I’d labeled 12-18 month, and come to find out one entire bin was actually 6-12 month clothes, which means he’s nearly outgrown them completely and I stored them all for nothing. I even ended up buying *more* 6-12 month clothes for him this summer because I didn’t have quite enough to get us through. So annoying. 

That is all for tonight. I know it’s not very great reading but my goal was to write every day for 365 days…I can’t expect every post to be a masterpiece. The idea is just to get in the habit of sitting at the desk (actually I blog from my phone now, usually one-handed while nursing Holden, but you get the idea). If a book deal comes from it, hey, that’s just a bonus. 

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  1. Carmen says:

    I’ve done that with clothes too and I agree its annoying! I was also sad because he didn’t get to wear some cute clothes too. Funny how attached you get to clothes, guess its because they made memories in them.

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