Dwindling Memories of a Lovely Home on Grand Cayman

When we were visiting Grand Cayman last week, Poor Kyle and I discovered the most amazing house we’d ever seen in real life (as in, not a fake house from a movie, of which we have seen many).  {And actually, I shouldn’t call it a “house”—it was more of a mansion.  Or an estate.}  I still think about it today, and we’ve been off the island for almost a week..  Pictures of the place make my glands salivate, just like the way they juice up when I bust open a brand new jar of kosher dills.  The house is beautiful, and someday it will be mine.

Our friends told us a little history about the sprawling home on the huge lot—they said it is owned by the Thompson family, who pretty much have a monopoly on home improvement stores in Grand Cayman.  So maybe the Thompsons got materials for free and a smoking deal on labour, but that doesn’t change the fact that it is, hands down, the most stunning colonial/Gothic-looking home I have ever seen in real life.

I have decided that when, not “if,” I become a famous billionaire adventurer, I’m going to move to the island, buy it from the Thompsons, and live there the rest of my days.  It’s going to be amazing.

Shall we take a look around?

First up, here’s the movie we took while driving by on our last day.  It’s the best way for you to get the full effect of the place.

In this movie, I say, “I totally wanna meet the people who live there,” but what I meant was, “I totally wanna meet the people who live there and boot ’em out so I can have the place to myself.”  Greedy much?

The Thompson Family Fence

The Thompsons' Estate1Passersby are first met with a wrought iron gate that encompasses the entire grounds.  It’s an impressive sight, but what’s better is that the Thompson family crest is emblazoned in each segment of the fence, for all the world to see.

Thompson Family Crest in Wrought Iron FenceI can’t decide if we should leave the crest when we move in, or change it to our own “F.”  There’s something so lovely about the symmetry in their “T.”  I think we’ll probably leave it.  Fs are too off-balance.

Thompson House in SepiaThe house on a whole bears a striking resemblance to the Gothic Haunted Mansion at Disneyland.  We put this photo in sepia tones just for a little creepyness.

haunted-mansion-modelHere’s a model of the real Haunted Mansion.  Image from here.

Mansion Name PlaqueEven their entry plaques look alike.  And really, who doesn’t want to live in a Haunted Mansion?  I know I do.

haunted_mansion-disneylandBy the way, I am totally craving a trip to Disneyland now.  You?  Who’s up for a day trip?

Every detail of the estate is breathtaking.  See the gazebo?  Or is it a gable?  Or a terrace?  I need to brush up on my architecture, obviously.

Gable Facing EastIt’s amazing, no matter what it’s called.  It’s amazing and I want it.

Mansion Terrace in Cayman Island I’ll take my tea on the terrace today, Geoffrey.  Thank you, dahling…

Anybody who has read Anita Stansfield’s Gables Against the Sky series should agree that this house is exactly what I pictured the Davies home to look like.  It’s everything I ever wanted in a grand estate.  Look at those details!

Decorative Woodwork on MansionDecorative wood trim adorns every straight edge and flat surface…

Gable of Mansion on Grand CaymanIt’s the details that make it so stunning.

Amazing Mansion on Grand CaymanWhen all the fancy little details unite in one amazing feat of residential design, a life-changing home is born.

It’s all in the details… At least, that’s what they tell me on HGTV; I, personally, wouldn’t know.

But someday…

***Like I said, this is one of the most beautiful homes I’ve ever had the good fortune of seeing.  But I have heard mixed opinions on it.  Some people I talked to didn’t really find it all that special.  What do you think?  Am I losing my mind?  Is this really as amazing as I’m making it out to be, or is it just “meh?”  I need to know, and don’t just tell me what you think I want to hear—I need the truth.  I probably won’t be mad if you disagree with me.  Thanks.***

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18 Responses to Dwindling Memories of a Lovely Home on Grand Cayman

  1. Holly Decker says:

    FIRST! :)

    so, i think people are saying that because they have different taste than you. and i bet being in the presence of the house is way better than just seeing pictures… and lets be honest, just living in a mansion PERIOD is worth pining for… right?
    i think its pretty awesome… and i would love to live in it… but at the same time, i STILL think i would like to live in “green gables” on prince edward island… to me, that is the epitome of awesome houses… breath taking scenery… *sigh*…

  2. Leann says:

    I think it’s gorge and you have great taste. I’ll be willing to live on the top floor whenever you move in. Hubby and I will be very quiet…I mean, you won’t even hear us because you’ll have a whole floor to yourself. :)

  3. mameelynn says:

    I don’t know if it the house or the grounds that are more stunning to me. Growing up in Canada I still can’t get over the fact that people can have palm trees in their yards. I still think that that is a lot of house but if you have the money to own it then I’m pretty sure you have enough to hire people to clean it because if not I could never live in such a big house. I agree with Holly though.. Given the choice I may have to go with Green Gables also… I love me some PEI spuds and lobster! Oh yeah and the fact that my family is all out there helps a lot to pursued me to go back east. I don’t know though… I’m not really a big fan of winter….I know! The Thompson House for the winter and Green Gables for the rest of the year!……oh yeah…you wanted to buy the Thompson house…..hmmm I guess we could share?!

  4. Give me three nights in it to live luxuriously and then leave before I have to clean the place.

  5. Alex says:

    oh my gosh it is gorgeous!! i am so jealous. love the pictures you took and im glad you got to go and have a great time. im so sad i missed the fun lunch, i heard it was great!

  6. Rachel says:

    It’s a beautiful house, but how could you go wrong with a home on an island? I’ve found that food tastes better, the breeze smells sweeter, and all seems right with the world on most islands. Glad you had a fun trip!

  7. DeAnna says:

    That is one sweet mansion! I, having lived in an apartment then a townhouse then back into an apartment for the last almost 7 yrs, really don’t think I could live in a mansion of that size. I can only imagine the cleaning or at least the cost of hiring someone to cleaning it for me! But if I were in a world where I was a millionaire or even a billionaire I think I could force myself to handle the high life.

  8. Chloe says:

    It’s beautiful!! I agree with you!
    So when (and not if) you live there, could you invite me to your house/masion?? ;)

  9. UMMMM
    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. jami says:

    orgasmic! I knew you would like that word… but it is amazing. And I would love to live there.

  11. afton says:

    hahahahaha jami kills me. “orgasmic”? i knew she’d love it. and i love it too as well but i will say the build up of it made me expecting a little more. it looks like it could be found almost anywhere and only the palm trees give away its island flavor. BUT i’m sure seeing it in the flesh would create goosebumps because it really is lovely. grand cayman just made my list of must sees.

  12. niki says:


    i would like to know who is disagreeing with you…

  13. Lindsay says:

    i would KILL to live in a place like that. seriously.

  14. Christal says:

    what a beautiful house is right! I ‘ve read all of anita’s books and I can totally picture this house in them. You are so fun hope your having tons of fun too! We miss you the organ just wasn’t the same on sunday ha ha I know you miss it!! ttys

  15. Carmen says:

    Wow, that house is amazing!! I don’t think it resembles the haunted mansion though.. sorry can’t agree with you on that one.

  16. Anonymous says:

    It’s amazing. You’re right. They’re dumb.

  17. anna says:

    I think it’s beautiful. It’s not something I’d pick (if I had a choice of a multi-million dollar home), but I must just have different taste. However, that doesn’t discount the fact that it is a lovely home on a large, well-manicured piece of land.

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