{Everyone’s Martha to Someone}

A few posts ago, I got a sweet comment from a reader named Molly.  She wrote:

“…I just read on Whitney’s blog that you already have your tree decorated, and I want to see pictures!! I am so excited to do Christmas decorations at my house, but for that I think I have to wait until after Thanksgiving, when I have some dollars. (I would love to see yours for inspiration… you are my Martha Stewart :)”

And later, after I replied how flattering (albeit ridiculous) it was to be compared to The Big M Little Artha, she confirmed…

“You’re my real life Martha Stewart. See, I don’t think of Martha as a real person, because she can pay people to give her ideas and take credit for them, you are the real thing, and a whole lot less pretentious.”

Well, I was dashed.  Me?  Martha?  Huh? Nevertheless, Molly had a point: Martha can pay people to give her ideas.  I, on the other hand, cannot.  I can, however, unabashedly steal any idea I see on the internet and claim it as my own.

I’m going to show some pictures of our Christmas Joy, but first I want you to know there is good news and bad news.  Good: All of my Christmas Joy was received as either a gift, loan, or hand-me-down.  The things I did purchase were bought after Christmas last year, at 60-75% off.  Bad: If you don’t have your Christmas Joy yet, you will probably want to wait until after the holidays this year to get it–better deal.  But that means it won’t be as joyful.  Sorry.

So now, with no further ado, I give you…

…I’m quite nervous now with all this talk of M-diggity…

…I hope you’re not disappointed….

The Christmas Joy of Camille and Poor Kyle

I know the real Martha could come up with much better, but looking at these pictures brings me good tidings of great joy anyway. Let’s take a closer look…

The tree.  Special thanks to Poor Kyle’s poor mother, who donated this to us last year and bought herself a new one.  This year, she came to see the decorations and forgot she’d given us her tree…and she didn’t even reclaim it!  Sweet.

Most of my ornaments came cheaply in packages of many (i.e. the red glittered to the right), but I purchased some fancier, buy-one-at-a-time ornaments last year after Christmas (i.e. red striped one to the left).  It makes my whole tree look more expensive than it really was.  Score.

Ahh…the tree topper.  We always had an angel on ours growing up, and I almost felt like a criminal when I bought a star instead…but I simply could not find an angel that didn’t look like a psychopath with beady glass eyeballs.  And this star was five bucks in January.

One tradition I didn’t forsake, however, is arranging a nativity on my piano.  Kyle’s dear granny donated this…I’m not sure if she even knows that.  Thanks, Granny!

She also donated the lamp post there under the “Christ” sign.  Word on the street is that she made it with her own two hands.  Lucky me...

Everything looks better in a glass container.

And wrought iron.

And lastly, the berries I got at Michael’s (again) after Christmas.  They were regularly $40.  I got three of them for $12 and walked away happy.

Merry Christmas. Oh!  But first, Happy Thanksgiving next week.

p.s.  Another special thanks to Poor Kyle who fixed my blog layout (the kid’s a genius) and snapped these pictures.  What a catch.

p.p.s.  It’s Thursday–ask me a question if you’ve got one!

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26 Responses to {Everyone’s Martha to Someone}

  1. Amy Andersen says:

    I think you definitely qualify to be called a real life Martha!

  2. afton says:

    camille! it is all very breathtaking! you are quite the martha! and just so you know i read your posts in my google reader and in there everything is lined up nicely centered and where the text should be. so the format is not all a lost cause. (i’m a huge format person. it all has to work out as nicely as it is in my head) and another thing…i’m blogging again. as in i’ve posted 5 whole posts just since the beginning of november. i’m feel like i’m in for the real deal this time so i’d let you know. stop by if you haven’t completely given up on me yet.

  3. That is absolutely wonderful!! I could only dream of my house looking like that at christmas, sadly it cannot happen in my house (2 toddlers and nice decorations just don’t mix)! Maybe in 14 years when they move out I will reference back here for inspiration :-)

  4. Allison says:

    It is lovely. But, I have no desire to decorate. I never have. Maybe some day…

  5. niki says:

    so lovely. So joyful. I needed this. Thank you.

  6. Jami says:

    looks wonderful! I love pictures with lost of lights. All my my christmas stuff is hand me downs too. I will have a beautifully festive house someday, but not today….

  7. HeatherPride says:

    Oh, Camille – looking at your Christmas house made me feel all happy and excited for the season! Adorable!!

  8. Kimberly says:

    The house looks awesome! I can’t believe you’re already set for Christmas! Loving the new layout even more and glad the winter header is back.

  9. Holly Decker says:

    i HIGHLY doubt i am ANYONES martha. that is awesome to know you are someones martha… what an amazing feeling :)

    and all i have to say about your decorations is- can i come to YOUR house for Christmas?
    you rock.
    they are seriously breath-taking.
    GREAT JOB :)

  10. anonymous says:

    pretty! i can’t wait for the season to start up!

  11. raygon says:

    great pictures! I cant believe you are ready for Christmas already. Your house looks great!

    And your blog is killing these weak eyes of mine, why is everything so teeny on it?

  12. RatalieNose says:

    they make me want to cry….

  13. Alicia says:

    Your decorations are breathtaking, Camille! I wish I could come visit you and see them in person. I can’t, though, because (1) it’s a long drive and (2) we really don’t know each other, and that would probably freak you and Poor Kyle out. Anyway, everything looks awesome!

  14. Heber says:

    It looks magical! And kudos for the great deal on those berries, way cool.

  15. Kyle's Granny says:

    Camille, I wondered who I gave those things to, truly I had forgotten. But I’m so glad you have them and are using them so very tastefully and FESTIVELY. Makes it all worthwhile, after spending so much time making that Lamp-post. It was tough to make even for a crafter.

  16. okay, honestly I was HONORED to have you pick my question! :) These pictures were just further proof of your wonders! I created your title of real life Martha way back when you had that post about glass apothecary jars and you were making special cookies or muffins, and they didn’t turn out like Martha’s.

    I love your lighted garland, and definitely love the red berries. I cant wait to decorate this year, and see what Scarlett thinks of the tree. She has been eyeballing them all in the stores saying “cute” and “tree”. They have begun making shatter proof ornaments that don’t look tacky and cheap, so maybe there is still hope for both beauty and safety for the young ones.

    I am also jealous that someone gave you a tree. I have been trying to will such blessings in my own direction. I will keep thinking it, and maybe it will materialize. :)

  17. Lindsay says:

    This is simply beautiful Camille! You and chels really do need to get going on that business…

    and i can honestly say, that i think even Eddie Ross would be proud.

  18. anonymous says:

    Okay. You must be sooo excited about Christmas to put up your decorations this early. The first thing I thought was, Oh, no, in only a week I have to put mine up. Not looking forward to that. Btw, are you coming to AZ for Christmas?

  19. Carmen says:

    Not one bit disappointing. I will need to come see it in real life sometime. Can you come do my home too?

  20. Kyle's uncle says:

    Though it’s well past Thursday, i just thought a question of interest to me.

    Are you having a Christmas Dinner at your house? If so, who will you be guesting? (Using general terms, no names of course).

    Thanks for thanking granny…she is way too ardent a “crafter”, for her own good. Just don’t mention the macrame era, from the 70’s, to her. No one needs that back.

    House..is GEORGEOUS.
    (I heard on the wind, “that girl has quite a gift for decor”).

  21. niki says:

    Camille, I was so touched by your comment on my last post. It was so sweet and really meant a lot to me. Not too psycho at all. Thank you!

  22. Cristin says:

    Ah, you make my house look like POO compared to yours.

    And sorry about that, I took you off my faves to change to your new url, and then forgot to put you back on. So, it’s totally fixed.

  23. Anonymous says:


    Well done! I wish I could see it in person. You make it look so festive. Perhaps I will decorate for Christmas after all…

  24. anon10 says:

    Those are breathtaking! Camille, you inspire me to put my Christmas decor!

  25. Kyle's uncle says:

    Camille, please disregard my previously mentioned question, i heard all the goings-on from the old lady. Sounds a might busy down there, superfestive eh. Have a lovely time with all that.
    (I liked the “Christ sign” on your wall, reminded me of that putting the Christ back in Christmas idea. It’s just too darn commercial now, just another day to get free stuff.)

  26. Anonymous says:

    Christmas before Thanksgiving is just silly, even for an American in Canada!

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