On the list of things I’m balancing in my life right now are the following:

Art History paper due Tuesday (started, not finished)

New job in church (secretary for the teenage girl group, lots to do for that before Sunday, not started, not finished)

Write a sestina for my creative writing class due Sunday (not started not finished and not hopeful)

Planning a piano recital (half started, not finished)

Project 1 for Professor 1 [this is a job I’ve found myself on campus, a real paying job with real money, but also a real job with real time suckage] (not started, not finished)

Project 2 for Professor 1 (not started, not finished)

Projects 1-10 for Professor 2 [another little side job, again with real money but real time constraints] (not started not finished)

Marriage Sustainability (umm, I guess that’s in a constant state of not finished)


Therefore and so I move that we switch back to Saturday Stealing only once per month, on the first Saturday of every month. I will remind all y’all of this every week so you can remember to be thinking about stealing. If you have lots of steals stocked up, you can even post them throughout the month and link to all of them during the first weekend extravaganza. (Sorry if you already had one for this weekend. Post it and just link up in March, if you want.)

I second the motion.

All in favour?


Well that settles that.

And what are you up to?

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I'm Camille. I have a butt-chin. I live in Canada. I was born in Arizona. I like Diet Dr. Pepper. Hello. You can find me on Twitter @archiveslives, Facebook at facebook.com/archivesofourlives, instagram at ArchivesLives, and elsewhere.
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4 Responses to Exnay

  1. TeamHaynes says:

    You sure are one busy lady! I understand. You’ll be done sooner than you think with school. Congrats on the jobS! This is a long time in the making so I’m sure you are thrilled! When do you start the jobs for the professors? What will you be doing? Are you still going to play the organ at church? Is this what they say is a calling job? If not, what is a calling job? And what is a sestina? I could google it but I’m sure your explanation would be better than the technical crap people put on the internet. Wow, that was also a lot of questions. There might be some more immediately.
    Piano recital! Cool! There no possible way for a recording right? Otherwise I would ask, I’d really love to see. Or are these students you’ve been teaching? I’d still like to see.
    I will stay true to posting weekly of Saturday Steals, especially since I’ve been documenting on my camera this one ALL week! I’m pretty excited for it.
    What am I up to? Oh gosh, got a little more cleaning before everyone comes over for community group tonight. I’ve got a promising interview on Monday, and then second interview for another promising job. It’s so crazy, one day I’m dumped and the next day two different companies want me. Now, let’s see what happens when they find out about each other. Hopefully some good competition will be happening. Hope you had a good week! Sorry you are so busy!

  2. Shesten says:

    Eh, I’ll post ’em anyway ’cause I am totally not gonna remember to do it once monthly. I’ll totally space it. So I’ll just post as I go and link up on the first Sat!

  3. holly decker says:

    goodness gracious. and i thought i had a mother-load.
    amen to that last one on the list and good luck to you, darling.
    YOU CAN DO IT :)

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