Faux Motherhood: Day 3

Today was the halfway mark of the Faux Motherhood project. I finally busted out the camera to prove that I was here.

Here they are, Captain Angry Eyes and Ginger in the photographic flesh:



I have a serious anxiety problem with my role as Faux Mother of these two darlings. I haven’t slept well all week for the worry that I might not hear if one of them throws up in bed or stops breathing suddenly. Not only do I love them more than I ever thought humanly possible, but also I’m terrified that they might die on my watch and then I’d just have to die myself because that is pain I know I could not live with.

This motherhood thing is no joke. I don’t know how anyone does it for more than five days at a time. I know I’m not ready for it.


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5 Responses to Faux Motherhood: Day 3

  1. Don’t let this project deter you!! It is no joke and it is seriously hard BUT the most WORTH IT thing you will ever, ever do. Promise.

    I’m really enjoying this role on you, can’t wait for the “real” run : )

  2. Alaina says:

    I completely understand. I babysat Roo for my sister, and I kept checking on her while she was sleeping to make sure she’s breathing. God help me when my own child arrives :-)

  3. Mindi says:

    The puke/sleep/choke is my biggest fear. I get up several times a night to check everyone’s breathing (including my husband’s). This is why I like reading your blog. The things you write are totally relate-able. Good luck these next few days!

  4. CaJoh says:

    Next time you should do what my wife does and take a picture of yourself with those around you. She told me that she does that because she is the one who winds up taking all the pictures at an outing and “you never know that I was there”.

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