Faux Motherhood: Day 2

Day Two of the Faux motherhood Project was better than Day One in the following ways:

I had learned to distinguish between littlest nephew’s whiney cries and serious cries.

I had learned what choices biggest nephew needed in order to get him fed and dressed for the day.

And I had learned how to ask Poor Kyle for a hand with one or both children when I needed a hand with one or both (seriously? single parents? how on earth do you do it?).

But Day Two was worse than Day One in the following ways:

We were more confident with our status as stand-in parents today, which meant we attempted leaving the house for more than a slurpee run. Unfortunately our cockiness got the better of us when we realised that although we remembered a diaper bag with extra snacks and supplies, we forgot one of two pairs of shoes and a stroller…both of which are kind of necessary when planning a long outing with one toddler just learning to walk on his own (shoes for walking on sidewalks, stroller for when that doesn’t last).

Faux Parenting Fail.

We got halfway to Vertuccio Farm before realizing our mistake and scrapping the plan altogether. Except then we’d already hyped it up to oldest nephew so much that he gave us Angry Eyes when we broke the news of our plan change.

Don’t worry though. Icees from Target are the perfect antidote to Angry Eyes of all ages.

Faux Parenting Counterfail.

Vertuccio Farm tomorrow or my name is Auntie Mudd!

And hopefully with fewer fails.

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3 Responses to Faux Motherhood: Day 2

  1. irene says:

    a good treat is the best for angry eyes, believe me: i’m the best angry eyer in the world! =P

  2. Geevz says:

    It’s hard work! You are definitely the best sister ever!

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