Final Entry (does that make them the finalists?)

Okay, I’m done after this.  If any of you have cute kids that did not get the screen time they deserved…sorry.  Should’ve entered sooner.

That said, I can assure you I won’t host another one of these parties for a long time (or until the next my nephew strikes me as the most awe-inspiring child on the planet).  I had a brief mental lapse of kidfulness, but I’m back to normal now.  This womb is closed for business.

That said, I’m glad we can end on a bright note (oh, what am I saying?  All the entries have been bright notes!).

Carmen wanted her kids to see and be seen in the cute-kid contest.  She writes:

So I thought we have waited long enough and would put an end to the contest by submitting our kids since no entries can top these two cuties :)

Cocky, Carmen.  But I guess that’s part of being a mom.


IMG_4120Cute, indeed.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this spur-of-the-moment event.  I’ve had fun moderating the entries.  I feel like it’s made my blog a happy, cheerful, fluffy-clouds-and-rainbows kind of place for the weekend.  And although I am a sarcastical cynic by nature, it’s nevertheless fun to be a little bit peppy every now and then.  (By the way, sarcastical is not a word.  Well, it wasn’t…until I made it so.)

Now, I bid you all farewell.  I’m off to empty my desktop’s trash can of about 30 kajillion baby pictures.  If my laptop were to get seized and searched right now, it would probably look like I’m a creepy internet kid stalker.  Must…destroy…the evidence.

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5 Responses to Final Entry (does that make them the finalists?)

  1. Jeff says:

    Well these ones have my vote!

  2. RatalieNose says:

    I’ve liked this!
    Lots of fun!

  3. Alexa Mae says:

    this was fun! i was going to put my kids in, but the competition was close enough. hehe. oh, i just love how your blog makes me happy.

  4. Rachel says:

    This was a great spontaneous idea and a lot of fun! I high five you!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Cool idea. I think all the kids are really cute.

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