Five to Nine Furnishings by Anonymous My Sister

Anonymous My Sister started a blog!

It is cute. You should welcome her to the internet—this is her very first blog and I want her to have a good experience so she doesn’t quit. Heaven knows it took her long enough to make a blog of her own…now I have to convince her to stick around.

She is still anonymous on her blog, so you won’t actually get to meet her (she is so selfish with her identity…it’s really your loss because she’s lovely to know). BUT! Don’t worry! Because all her cool furniture posts make up for the fact that you can’t see her face.

To say that she is talented with furniture would be stupid, because she’s not just talented—she’s ULTRA talented. She can take an ugly piece of crap table and turn it into a masterpiece you only WISH Pottery Barn™ would sell. She can rescue an abandoned hutch from the 1980s, and after she’s worked her magic, it looks like it could be in a magazine—you know, one of them fancy ones with the shiny paper and purty pitchers on ever’ page.

As a bonus, she is also gifted at giving birth to adorable children (I got a new nephew for my anniversary last week). And on the rare occasion she posts photos of them. There’s no losing at Five to Nine Furnishings.

So go visit her blog (especially if you are local to Arizona) and say hello! It’s a nice thing to do.

She answers to “Anonymous Camille’s Sister.”

About Camille

I'm Camille. I have a butt-chin. I live in Canada. I was born in Arizona. I like Diet Dr. Pepper. Hello. You can find me on Twitter @archiveslives, Facebook at, instagram at ArchivesLives, and elsewhere.
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3 Responses to Five to Nine Furnishings by Anonymous My Sister

  1. Ashley says:

    My sis started one too!!

  2. Alaina says:

    Heading over to check it out!

  3. Liz says:

    Oh, Anonymous Your Sister. She is lovely to know! I’ll be following her blog for sure!

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