Get on with it.

I am at the point in my life where it’s become absolutely necessary to poop or get off the pot.

Graduated With DistinctionI need to do things. Make changes. Set goals. Accomplish them. I’m 25 now and not getting any younger. I live with a constant fear in the subdomain of my brain: a fear that I will get old and die and have nothing to show for my life; or worse: that I’ll die young and have REALLY nothing to report when I get to the Other Side.

98% of my conversations with Poor Kyle over the past few months have resolved around our marriage, our plans, our dreams and hopes for the future. Around how to achieve the type of life we’d always hoped we’d have. Around what steps we need to take to get from here, where we are, to there, where it would be so freakin’ awesome to be.

Poor Kyle has been amazing lately. So motivated, so driven, so ready to take complete control of his own life. He’s always been a swell guy, but lately he’s taken that swellness to a whole new level. Like he’s growing up or something. It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly; the closest I can get is to say remember how he was reading that one time? Well he hasn’t stopped. And it’s paying off.

As for me, I’ve gone through a bit of culture shock these past few months. The shift from full time student to full time unemployed bum to full-time-and-then-some working person has rattled me, I’m not going to lie. People keep asking me if I’m depressed, and I suppose I don’t blame them—I have been sounding a little glum lately. And when I’m not sounding glum I’m just not sounding at all—I’m barely keeping this blog afloat, it seems. Really, though, I’ve not been so much depressed as overwhelmed.

But things are taking a turn for the better. I am cutting back on some of my work starting in the new year. I will fill that time with projects I actually want to do. I will make headway on long-neglected goals. I will inspire you all with my magnitude. I am strong and independent. I can (and I do) do a lot of things on my own.

I can do a lot more with Poor Kyle on my team.

I believe that 2012 is going to be a pivotal year for us. For each of us individually, and for the two of us as a family.

And you? What do you think? What are your predictions for the coming year?

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12 Responses to Get on with it.

  1. chelsie says:

    I am so glad you both have dreams and aspirations. I hope I can have some one day.

  2. Geevz says:

    Good for you! I love talking about life plans and goals. I just get so excited about the possibilities! Husband gets bored of the conversations though so Poor Kyle is definitely being awesome.

    I’m also excited for you. Nothing beats the feeling of finishing a goal. And your video for work turned our seriously awesome, so I think you get to feel very accomplished already. Now I want to go write down some goals for next year. Look what you’ve done to me :)

  3. Maureen says:

    Lately I’ve been feeling like 2012 is going to be a really good year. Mainly because this year was not super awesome (not horrible, but not the best), and I dunno, I just have this gut feeling that it’s going to be good. I hope I’m right.

  4. Mariano says:

    we hava a lot of projects for 2012! you did the best choice.

  5. Alaina says:

    I predict good things for you and Poor Kyle for the new year, too. Sounds like you’re making good decisions for you and your family.

    Our new year? HUGE changes…obvious ones with our little one arriving. I’m hoping some good changes for T’s career this year, too. And maybe a little less drama on the family front?

  6. Colie says:

    Agreed! I feel 2012 being a big one for my husband and I, as well. I’m 27, and I’m also in that weird trying-to-halfheartedly-be-a-grownup-but-falling-off-the-wagon phase. It’s tricky. I’m keeping you in my thoughts, lady!

  7. Granmama says:

    WORK CAN BE OVERWHElming—all consuming. It isn;t the way it’s supposed to be. God’s plan has GOT to be different than the way things are turning out. I just finished putting in the last grades and I feel a HUGE burden lifted off my shoulders. I wish you well. I love you and understand your trepidations. Even numbered years are much better than odd ones. I promise!!!!!!!

  8. 2012 is going to determine whether or not we stay as a family of 3 or reach that 4 we’ve been going for.
    2012 will also bring about kindergarten and the transition from daycare to no payments. Woohoo!
    2012 will also confirm whether the Mayan calendar really holds the key to 12/21/12 and the end of the world. I don’t believe it, but I can’t help but be superstitious. :-)

  9. shalynna says:

    I can’t wait to see what 2012 will bring you! You and Kyle are so great. I’m glad to know you. :) I think it’s cute that he’s been reading a lot and that you love it so much.

    I thought of you the other day. I haven’t forgotten my promise of buying you an Anthropologie dress someday. It might be in ten years, but I’m excited to do it.

    Have a Merry Christmas!

  10. Peg says:

    Stopping by from Ca-Joh. Enjoyed your post. I think you are entirely too young to freak out just yet! My daughter has an English degree and works as a finance manager for a car dealership. No lie. Really putting that English degree to good use! But she’s happy and that’s all that matters!

    2012 sees me starting college as an old lady. Talk about intimidating!

  11. Pseudo says:

    Hopped over from the spin on your blog…. Very refreshing for me to see someone articulate just starting out in life…. At 54, it is more adjusting things ; -)

    Happy New Year!

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