Grand Cayman (of the Cayman Islands)

welcome_grandcaymanImage from here.

Poor Kyle and I are holidaying in/on the Cayman Islands [I’m always in a quandary as to whether people stay in an island or on an island…].

It should come as no surprise that we are enjoying ourselves immensely…

Squinty Eyes on the Beach…even though we have squinty Sailor Moon eyes (someone forgot his sunglasses, and someone else took hers off to make the first someone feel better about his sore-eyed plight).

Sunglasses on the BeachBut the Sacrifice for Love only lasted about a nanosecond.  Someone should have bought himself a new pair of sunglasses before we left.  Poor Kyle.

Some of my more astute readers might have noticed a comment on a recent post, wherein Shalynna casually mentioned that Poor Kyle and I should come stay in her house in/on Grand Cayman while she was house-sitting for someone else.  She probably didn’t think we’d really take her up on it.

Flip Flops in the SandBut we did. Fully.

See, here’s the thing: I really wanted to take a holiday to anywhere that has never seen snow.  Poor Kyle phoned me, all excited, and said, “Did you see the comment about the Cayman Islands?”  I hadn’t, so he read it to me, and I said, “I’m pretty sure she was just saying that as a nice thing to say—she couldn’t have been serious.”

Readers, whether Shalynna was serious initially may always be a mystery.  The fact is, she got serious really quick when I emailed back asking if she was serious.  ‘Til the day I die, I will always be a little embarrassed that I sort of invited myself to live in Shalynna’s house in/on the Cayman Islands when she might have only been making small talk…but for now, I’m very glad I did.

Grand Cayman BeachWouldn’t you be glad?

She has been the niceset, sweetest hostess I could ever wish for: She left treats for us on the pillows, maps and travel books and magazines for our convenience, and a spare cell phone in case of emergencies.  (For the record, my own sister lets us stay at her house every time we visit AZ, and she is also an amazing hostess, even though we’re family and I’m from Mesa and don’t need hosting…she does it.  We got treats on our pillow there, too.  Treats, treats, treats, all day long.  I like treats!)

Right-Hand Drivind Daihatsu

After a red-eye flight to the island, we rented a right-side driving car, which was perfect for the left-hand driving streets of the Cayman Islands.  (The Cayman Islands are a territory of Great Britain, so the driving is just like it would be in England, which is heart-stoppingly frightening.)

White Rental Car on Cayman Islands

Poor Kyle almost killed us only once, and I may or may not have heard the first three letters of a four-letter word escape his terrified lips.  But we got over that, and have already burned 1/8 of a tank of fuel (which is saying something for the tiny economy car we rented) driving up and down the streets of Grand Cayman.  We can’t get enough of it.

So far, one huge difference between the Cayman Islands and everywhere else I’ve been in my life is the way they bury the dead.  I’ve seen three or four cemeteries right on the beach, with headstones stuck  in the sand like I used to do with pencil stubs at recess back in elementary school.  It’s very interesting, and I must admit that if I have to die, being buried in/on paradise might not be such a bad idea…

Sandy Cemetery on Grand Cayman

Buried in Sand in/on Grand Cayman

Sandy Island Cemetery

Buried in the Sand on Grand Cayman

Sandy Island Cemetery2

…but all that stuff aside, I hope I don’t die while I’m here.  My mom is convinced that since the Cayman Islands are *so close* to Mexico (they aren’t really that close—they’re a lot farther from Mexico than Arizona, truth be told), Poor Kyle and I are going to contract Swine Flu and die, and probably be buried in the sand just like these other dead people.  Call me an idealist, but I think we’re safe.

PK on the Beach

This island motivated Poor Kyle to shave his crusty beard—surely nothing bad could happen in a place this good.

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24 Responses to Grand Cayman (of the Cayman Islands)

  1. Shalynna says:

    1) I am so glad you finally posted. I was beginning to worry that you guys were kidnapped or something!
    2) I was DEAD serious when I invited you. Ask anyone I know… I practically beg people to come visit us. Thanks for taking us up on the offer (and saying nice things on your blog about us :).
    3) You and Kyle know how to take pictures while holding the camera very well. In most of them it looks like someone else was holding the camera.
    4) The cemeteries on the beach are bizarre, I know! It’s so interesting because the reason why they are on the beach is because beachfront property was the cheapest back in the day (because of hurricanes), so that was where they would bury the dead. I’m sure now they are wishing they could build hotels on that property as it is probably worth millions!
    5) Have fun exploring today!

  2. Katie says:

    I’m getting on a plane today. I’ll be there in a few hours. I’d like a beach chair and romance novel waiting for me. Thanks.

  3. Hannah says:

    So jealous!!!!!!!! It looks beautiful there. I need a vacation so bad one with a beach. Have fun!!

  4. Leann says:

    Soooooo jealous! I wish I had friends in awesome places. My husband does have a friend in France, so maybe someday we can go “visit” him.

  5. Lindsay says:

    oh my goodness it’s beautiful there! I’m so glad you are taking lots and lots of pictures and getting a nice relaxing holiday with kyle.

  6. Holly Decker says:

    i am officially jealous.
    ENJOY YOURSELF! it looks lovely :)

  7. Chloe says:

    Wow! the Cayman Islands!! I want to be there too!
    I hope you’re enjoying yourself!!

  8. Me says:

    Looks fun. I’ve been wondering the past few days…what holiday are you celebrating? Summer holiday break from school? Or is “holiday” another word for “vacation” in Canada or out West?

  9. Deemarie says:

    How fun!! Enjoy your trip!!!!!!

  10. linda rae says:

    Oh I just LOVE graveyards too! But you already knew that…we are kindred spirits, in that department.

    Please encourage my son to buy some new shades. Burnt eyeballs are painful.



    the MIL

  11. Lauren says:

    I am incredibly jealous of you.

  12. J
    I’ve been in a stuffy gymnasium coordinating a blood drive all day and you’ve been canoodling with your husband on a pristine beach.
    (I’m very happy for you)

  13. Kami says:

    I am so glad that you are vacationing in the Cayman Islands! Steven and I went there on our honeymoon and loved it! Have fun!

  14. OH! I’m SO happy for you. It looks beautiful, amazing, and uninfected (by the swine flu of course)!

    P.S. I don’t have to work this Saturday. Think you could email me about the blogging party? Thanks!

  15. anonymous says:

    how sweet of her! have fun! sounds like a BLAST!!

  16. Sarah says:

    HOW FUN!!! I hope you two enjoy this awesome vacation! It’s good to see some pictures of Kyle. Not that I don’t like one’s of you… just fun to see you as a couple.

  17. jethro says:

    You’re on an island. Earth doesn’t float.

    Put on some sunscreen, wouldya.

  18. Geneva says:

    Yay! You totally deserve this awesome vacation! Have a great time!

  19. HeatherPride says:


    So excited and happy for you and PK!! Have fun!!!

  20. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the update. I was beginning to get a little worried, too. When do you get back? I’m going to make up for my poor hostess skills by having a hot meal waiting for you. Don’t you dare try to contradict me.

  21. niki says:

    you lucky duck! not only are you enjoying yourself on a beautiful island, but you get to see shalynna!! she’s the best. don’t you just love her?! i’m envying you right about now.

  22. jethro says:

    i particularly like the single headstone picture. beyond trees, flowers, and birds in the air, headstones are wonderfully fascinating to me. merci beaucoup.

  23. Cristin says:

    Oh…. so not fair. It looks wonderful, and I love all the updates. I just can’t believe you are blogging on your vacation. You really are committed.

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