Harriet’s Pet Pea and the love of my life (English children’s accents)

Well, friends, I’ve done it again.

It happened before, with Charlie Bit My Finger.

And it’s happened again.

I would like to announce that Poor Kyle and I are selling our house to pay for plane tickets to England so we can move there, take up residency, and raise a couple of adorable British children just like this one:


(Sadly, I cannot find a way to embed in my blog the video to which the above link will take you. But if you click it—IF YOU CLICK IT—you will not be disappointed. I am backing up this claim with my AoOL money-back guarantee, it’s THAT GOOD.)

So click it.

And then come back here and tell me how much you love it.

Harriet’s Pet Pea, the most brilliant children’s story I’ve heard since I can’t even think of when, was written by Andrea Boerem, my as-of-five-hours-ago newest literary role model.

Half of me hates her for writing the story before I did.

The other half of me hates myself for such feelings, because I know I never would’ve thought of it and thus, had Andrea not written it, Harriet’s Pet Pea would have never been born, and how sad a place would the world be then, I ask you?


So sad.

What do you think, should I try to get an interview with Andrea, to pick her brilliant literary mind?

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10 Responses to Harriet’s Pet Pea and the love of my life (English children’s accents)

  1. whitney says:

    Do they sell cute little british boys like that at the store? Cause I want one. How adorable was he? How adorable was he reading that story?

  2. Molly says:

    http://www.smories.com/watch/the_all_day_soda/ this soda story he read was really adorable too :)

    I love his big brown eyes. I thought the girls sound a bit snobby though with accents, so if you can be sure to just have little boys I think you will be alright living in England. :)

  3. Tisha says:

    Don’t move, just adopt! Then you don’t get the stretch marks, morning sickness, ect!

  4. Alaina says:

    I say go the Brangelina and adopt a British kid…much much easier…

  5. shalynna says:

    I am ALL for your decision to move to England so your children can sound like this little lad. Seriously, what a cutie. It doesn’t hurt that he has beautiful dark skin, cute shaggy hair, and that the house has the best decor (did you notice? That piano! Oh that piano! The couches! Love the couches!).

    I’m ashamed to say I don’t remember ever hearing the story of Hariet and the Pea. BUT, it did remind me of a fond fairytale. Remember the Princess and the Pea? I remember always wanting to get all of our mattresses at home and putting a pea underneath the bottom one so that I could see if I could feel it when I slept. :)

  6. andrea gale says:

    ghaaaa!!! i lurve you!!! i lurve you times fifty! i read this and i blushed. and i don’t blush easy. i might be a little in love with you. and when i say might i actually mean definitely.

  7. YES! I love literary interviews.

    DO IT!

  8. DeAnna says:

    My Five year old can’t stop saying “Pea”, followed by giggling. Such a cute little boy, I’ve always loved European accents. British and Scottish are my personal favs. I agree with the above comments, go the Brangelina way! Adopt!! It’d be cheaper than moving there.

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