Headband Winner/s and an Exercise in Human Nature.

Remember that time I hosted a giveaway for Simply Memzelle headbands?

It occurred to me today that I never announced the winner/s. Oops.

So, with no further delay, I would like to take this opportunity to announce that the winner of the Maddie Yellow Felt headband is… Amiee from Amiee’s Babies!

Congratulations, Amiee. I like to see prizes go to people who do as many of the things possible to win. It reminds me that, indeed, there is a bit of justice in the world.

As for the second headband…

…well, remember this? The headband that didn’t suit me?

Well, I didn’t give it a great review, so I suppose it should be no surprise that out of the vast amount of entries, NOT ONE PERSON decided she (or he) wanted to vie for the poor little Nora Yoyo headband. At first I felt bad, because I know this headband deserves a loving owner, and I didn’t give it its day in the spotlight. But then I was a little proud of myself because apparently people really trust my opinions and nobody dared even bother with a headband that I didn’t love.

And hello, that kind of persuasive power is amazing. I should run for president.

At any rate, I knew I could do better by the Nora Yoyo Headband.

And I will. Instead of just giving it away to one of the many entrants who didn’t believe in the Nora in the first place, I am holding a second mini-giveaway for it, and only it, today. Right now. Move it or lose it. You don’t have to mess with all that other stuff—every person gets just one entry. In fact, you don’t have to do ANYTHING at all to win it except comment on this post, or email me if you’re shy.

***WAIT! If I allow comments, then you’ll all know when someone has won. NEVER MIND. The only way to enter is by emailing me at:



Simply let me know that you want it.

The first person who I hear from gets it. Free. All to themselves.

But here’s the catch: simply because I want to see how many people really would put a little faith in Poor Nora, I will not announce the winner until tomorrow. So if you are are reading this at 5 p.m. and you think people have already emailed in…don’t lose heart! It could well be that TRULY nobody wanted this headband, in which case, IT’S ALL YOURS!

I will not announce when we have a winner; not until tomorrow. I just want to see how many people really would try for this when all is said and done.

(And also, I want to see if I am truly as persuasive as I like to think I am. Because the White House is beckoning, yo.)


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