Hightailin’ it Outta Here.

Poor Kyle and I are taking this day off school and work to have a road trip.  A short road trip—a day trip, really—but it will be glorious.  I’ve been needing to exchange a birthday present so I can finally blog about it.  Also, I’m sending a package down for my dad’s birthday {twenty days late (I’m a real quality daughter. see?)}.  And lastly, and probably most importantly: Costco cheese. Poor Kyle and I have been on a pizza-making kick lately, and at $25.00/block up here at our Costco, we’re eating ourselves into the poor house.  The only reasonable thing to do, then, is drive six hours round trip to a different country that can supply it for $15.00 cheaper.  Smart, right?  I know.

Happy anniversary to us.

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