Detox Day One:

Floor Scale

Detox Day Two:

Floor Scale2

Detox Day Three:

Floor Scale3

Hmm…Hollywood just might be on to something.  My detox couldn’t be going better unless I had a personal chef preparing my meals for me.  In which case, I’d have money for liposuction and wouldn’t need to detox.  (But I would never get plastic surgery {unless it was to remove my annoying butt chin.})

Unfortunately, I ate bread today. A foot of it.  From Subway.  But at least it was wheat bread, and mayo-free.  No salt, either.  Lots of veggies.

Still, I’m guessing my weight won’t be so exciting tomorrow.

Luckily, the only other food I ate today was a quinoa hash, edamame, and two apples.

I’ll be faithful again tomorrow.  I have watermelon now.

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I'm Camille. I have a butt-chin. I live in Canada. I was born in Arizona. I like Diet Dr. Pepper. Hello. You can find me on Twitter @archiveslives, Facebook at facebook.com/archivesofourlives, instagram at ArchivesLives, and elsewhere.
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21 Responses to Hoax?

  1. niki says:

    so impressed!

    you hate your butt chin?! i love it!

  2. Alex says:

    dang girl! this is amazing. once you get on a roll theres no stopping you!

  3. RatalieNose says:

    Yay for Subway!!!

  4. malia says:

    Quinoa Hash! Sounds good :)

  5. Jethro says:

    One point eight pounds in three days…i don’t think i’ve ever done that.
    Mm, Subway….my only fastish food indulgence. Mayo sucks, emulsified oil. I like the sweet onion vinaigrette.

    You now weigh less than I. (I’m about 145).

  6. Jethro says:

    Don’t ya love the sound of the word edamame? Such a nicely balanced word.
    Nummy, too.

  7. Hannah says:

    Mmm subway sounds yummy! I’m def doing the detox in 30 weeks!

  8. hooray! i’m doing a detox in a week or so, so i’m glad to know it’s going well for you.

  9. Anonymous says:

    This is depressing and discouraging. Thanks a freaking lot.

  10. Whitney says:

    woohoo! go you!

  11. Lindsay says:

    camille, you havent posted in 4 days…granted 2 of them were the weekend, but still. My week just isnt the same without starting it with a bit of AoOL.
    miss you.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Ditto Lindsay.

  13. Julz says:

    where are you????? I need you weightloss update and your hair pictures. Are you still going strong. I love to read your blog and have not had a good read in days. Get on the ball girl.

  14. Liz says:

    Oh no!!! Maybe the detox did Camille in!

  15. anonymous says:

    where’d you go?!?! :(

  16. Jethro says:

    Shampoo defiency, i’d say. She’s off her detox rocker.

  17. did the detox kill you?

    come back!

  18. Whitney says:

    This whole detox thing is really getting in the way of your blogging. I say eat a piece of bread and get back to it. Bread helps everyone to have energy.

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