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20111120-200155.jpgMy husband has been reading lately.

Reading a lot.

In the past two months he’s read four books, which maybe is not a lot for some people but it’s more than I’ve seen him read during our entire four years of marriage so yes, he’s reading a lot.

And you know what?

I think it’s super hot.

When I was in junior high I always fancied I’d marry a real swanky kind of guy. Doctor, lawyer, you know the dream. Elitist. White collar. In the end I married a truck driver-slash-heavy duty mechanic, and the collar doesn’t get much bluer than that, except maybe for plumbers.

But I respect a person who puts in a hard day’s work, whether scraping plaque off of teeth or grease off of lug nuts, so once we became a couple it never mattered to me that Poor Kyle’s career choice didn’t match what my 13 year-old self thought it should be. I loved him and his work ethic, and that was that. Heck, I’m probably not near as beautiful as he always thought his wife would be.

Plus, just because he’s not a doctor doesn’t mean he’s not brilliant. He is. He could be a doctor if he wanted to be. (Too bad I can’t be more beautiful if I wanted to be. Poor Kyle really got the short end of the marital stick on that one.)

But anyway, he’s not been much of a reader thus far in our marriage, so it surprised me when, on our last trip to Arizona in October, he wanted to visit Barnes and Noble. It surprised and also thrilled me. He bought a book, one to do with computery stuff, and devoured it. Then he bought Dave Ramsey’s newest book, and devoured that. Next he read one of Dave Ramsey’s older books and again: devoured. Now he’s devouring Steve Jobs’s biography on our iPad (poetic) and I kind of can’t get enough of it—of him. Of this new-and-improved highbrow him.

It’s kind of like how I feel when I see him listening to Stuff You Should Know podcasts instead of country music.

I love that he’s spending his free time learning about stuff that interests him. I love that today he chose to spend six hours of his one day off a week reading an intelligent book instead of zoning out in front of the xBox. I love that we have a whole new world of topics to discuss: “What’s happening in your book?” “Steve hasn’t started Pixar yet.” “Dave says to invest 15% of your monthly income into well-rounded mutual funds.” “I just figured out how to add fasldkfjsdlf fwoeiuradcnasdf sakdfjadkthreoiqa;lcm computer jargon who-knows-what to my such-and-such program and it worked like a charm!”

And so on.

I loved my husband long before he developed this insatiable thirst for books.

But now that he has, I’m more convinced than ever that I was right to love him all along.

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10 Responses to Hot stuff

  1. Shesten says:

    Reading is sexy on EVERYONE. Even on mechanics and roughnecks (which I think are bluer than plumbers AND mechanics). And I’m lucky that I married a man who loves to read. It’s inspiring. And you’re totally right. Reading adds a nice bit of white balance to the blue-collar job.

  2. Geevz says:

    My husband is a nerdy computer programmer for his living and for fun. While incredibly intelligent, he doesn’t really read either. I had these dreams of laying across from my spouse on the couch while we both read and shared a blanket. Alas, it will probably never happen again (it did occasionally when we were dating), but I’m with you that husbands reading are totally hot :)

  3. the MIL says:

    I love this :)

  4. irene says:

    reading makes us better people =)

  5. Mariano says:

    My already-not-met-BFF is a great guy!

  6. Dutch girl says:

    My boyfriend read Steve Jobs’ biography last month (on his iPad, of course) and since then it’s been: “you know, Steve also likes …” and “did you know Steve also had that problem/experience/dream/whatever?” I know what Steve always had for breakfast and what his underwear looked like..
    We both love to read, in fact, we’re one of those couples who read in bed before going to sleep, it’s kind of lame… But I do have a t-shirt that says “reading is sexy” and people always say they love it :-)
    How’s the weather over there? Can’t wait to read your I-hate-snow posts again :-)

  7. anna says:

    Aside from church books read on the mission, I’m pretty sure that’s more books than my husband has read in his entire life. You think I’m kidding. I’m not, he went to a high school where he could shoot hoops to get a better grade and go a few letter grades higher than his percentage in his English class because “he was a good guy”.

  8. Alaina says:

    Reading definitely is sexy. My husband has recently taken to reading to our still in my belly daughter. I can’t think of anything sexier…

  9. Whitney says:

    Zach loves Reading. I do not. I do like it though that he reads. But in the end he will always be smarter then me and use bigger words than I will so maybe I should read more. So I can come back with witty, big word, smarter jargon.

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