How Do I Wear Skinny Jeans?

Since the onset of the skinny jean phenomenon over the past few years, nobody has been a bigger opposing force than me. I hated skinny jeans. I thought they were the fugliest articles of clothing since scrunchies and T-shirt cinchers. I swore I’d never wear them and I’d never be friends with anyone who did. Heaven knows I’ve knocked them enough times on my blog. They reminded me of leggings, and I didn’t understand the appeal of wearing leggings around like real jeans. Give me bootcut jeans any day (36 inch inseam, please and thank you), and I’m a happy camper. No, no, no…skinny jeans were not for me.

But lately, I’ve been wearing a lot of tunic-like shirts…

…you know the kind: long, flowing, loose-fitting cotton prints. Maternity shirts, essentially. (A loose-fitting tunic by any other name is still a maternity shirt.) I’ve been buying more and more of them from my local second-hand store, and it has come to my attention that they might look better with a pair of skinny jeans. Otherwise, they just look like pregnancy shirts.

So I’ve been contemplating choking down an enormous slice of humble pie, and then last week Shalynna (private blog, or else I’d link to it—sorry, everyone) said this about my legs:

“I meant to comment on the post where you included a picture in thermals. I was going to say that 1) You have the cutest body and 2) You should wear skinny jeans/pants because the thermals looked cute!”

It was a nice thing to say, but I balked at it initially—me? Cute body? Not the last time I checked. But even though I feel awkward and uncomfortable discussing it, I will admit that if there is ever a time in my life that I should try out the skinny jean fad, now is it: I’m 23, I’m young, and I’m only going downhill from here. Plus, my real problem area is my midsection, and since I wear pregnancy shirts anyway, my muffin top would more or less be concealed.

So I decided to take the plunge.

I’m going to buy a pair of skinny jeans.

The first step in this process was actually trying on a pair of skinny jeans, since I have, until now, avoided them like the bubonic plague. I had to make sure they were something I could feel comfortable in, something I could get used to.

In an uncanny turn of events, the selfsame day I decided to try out a pair of skinny jeans I also somehow found myself at the mall with time to kill (an unfortunate situation indeed, but there I was). I meandered into Gap and accosted a sales associate—I figured I was totally clueless, so why waste time trying to muddle my way through the process when some poor sap folding shirts was probably dying for a diversion? (I’ve worked in retail before. Many times.) So I hailed down a sales associate—my new BFF—and put it to her straight: I’m fashion-challenged, I need help, and you’re it.

She hooked me up with two pairs of skinny jeans in two different sizes and locked me in a fitting room, making me promise not to come out until I’d made peace with at least one of them.

Nervously, I slipped into the smaller of the two sizes (an eight, since I know you’re dying to know), zipped them up (gleefully, because I can’t remember the last time I zipped up a size eight on myself), and peered into the mirror…

I turned around, examined my body from all angles, faced the mirror head-on again, and took a deep breath…

…and I kind of liked them. No—I really liked them.

Sadly, though, when I stepped out of the fitting room and asked the sales associate if they looked right, she told me they were a bit too short (story of my life) so I could either wear them tucked into boots, or rolled up to look like cropped 50’s-ish jeans. Apparently, skinny jeans are meant to hit at or slightly below the ankle, like this:

Image from here.

I was disappointed, but I can see that she was right.

Here they are normally (with me looking nothing like the above model):

And here they are cuffed:

On top of not being quite the right length, they were eighty bucks normally, on sale for fifty, and if I’m going to pay that much for a pair of staple jeans, I want them to be the right length. I was semi-tempted just to buy them and only wear them hidden under boots, but I’ve decided to be patient and wait for the right pair to come around.

I know it’s out there.

If I’m lucky, maybe it will appear as next week’s Saturday Steal.

I know a lot of people still hate the skinny jean look. I know a lot of people might be happy that I’ve finally come around. Really, it doesn’t matter who thinks what about my clothing decisions. I’m not asking for your permission, or even your blessing. Just your support.

Come to think of it, why on earth do I even bother to blog? What a waste.

Side Note:

What’s not a waste, though, is the fact that La Coccinelle won a $6.00 gift card to for being selected as a random winner from the first ever Saturday Steals event here at Archives of Our Lives.

What? What’s that, you say? You didn’t know there was going to be a randomly-selected prize for those who submitted posts to Saturday Steals? You didn’t know there would be something in it for you? You wish you had known, and you might have thought twice about standing me up for my own blog party?

That sucks.

The good news is that, finances permitting, I’ll be hosting giveaways every week for Saturday Steals entrants. The value of the gift card I give away will be equal to the value of Saturday Steals submissions. I’m only sorry La Coccinelle’s gift card isn’t more than six bucks. That’s kind of lame. Hopefully you can get some kind of steal with it, La Coccinelle.

Keep your eyes peeled for more steals, and hopefully we’ll have a bigger turnout next weekend!

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17 Responses to How Do I Wear Skinny Jeans?

  1. Kelly says:

    I think they look nice…now, guys in skinny jeans are a totally different story!

  2. Geevz says:

    You look amazing in skinny jeans. I’ve been trying to find a perfect pair as well. John still thinks they are hideous and that I am spending too much time around middle schoolers if I think they are cute. But I still like them. Let me know where you find yours.

  3. Maureen says:

    I don’t think they look too short, but what do I know. You should find a store/brand that provides tall sizes. I had to do that when I bought my pair of skinny jeans. Except with the short size, because I have short stumpy little legs.

  4. tegan says:

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  5. Susan says:

    So So SO SO cute. Dang. So cute!

  6. Spencer says:

    Skinny jeans are ok for women and girls, but they are making strong headway in the men’s department and this is something that concerns me very much. Eventually that’s all that men will be able to buy in way of jeans at reasonably fashionable stores. If fat married guys like me want to get jeans in the future, it will have to be at the local Wally World or maybe the Big Dog store or I’ll have to lose weight. Boo skinny jeans.

  7. niki says:

    you have the perfect skinny legs for skinny jeans! you have my support, and even tho you don’t care, you also have my blessing;)

    i was so busy this weekend, i didn’t get to post my saturday steal! darn it. i did in fact find a steal…i guess it will have to wait to be posted til next saturday…

  8. they don’t look too short to me. but then again i’ve been looking for the perfect ‘short pants’ for a couple years so maybe i don’t know what length is the best.

    gap online has TALL options. favorite thing ever. i bet they have those same jeans in the tall version… you should check.

  9. Chloe says:

    I like it. They look nice :)
    I have the opposite problem with trousers and jeans: my legs are too short! Argh.

  10. Oh, Camille! Not only did I get a shout out, but you also posted four pictures! I love when you post pictures. :)

    I actually think the jeans look DARLING on you! But, if you’d feel weird wearing them short (which you probably wouldn’t have if the sales associate didn’t say they were short…) then don’t get them. But, if it were me I would have bought them and washed them to shrink just a tiny bit shorter. I’m with Angela- I’ve been wanting the perfect pair of skinny jeans that are just a bit short. J. Crew has some cute cords that look cute short, but J. Crew is a fortune! Anyway, I also like to cuff my skinny jeans. It makes me feel like the long and skinniness is broken up a bit before my long and skinny flats, ya know? So, when you do find the perfect skinny jeans try them rolled up a couple times or cuffed. You’ll probably like it and then it will make you feel like you have two pairs of jeans (wearing them straight down and then folded/cuffed).

    Have fun! The cardigan with the white t and brooch looks very cute.

  11. Katie says:

    camille, they look so cute! i was in the same predicament last year: hated skinny jeans, swore i’d never wear them. then i tried some on at urban outfitters and fell in love. i have the opposite problem (short legs), so i had to hem mine, but you should try silence+noise brand at urban outfitters. i think the inseam is super-long, and they are really comfortable. good luck!!

  12. Joel says:

    I LOVE the six dollar gift card! That is quite funny.

    And eighty bucks for a pair of jeans?!? Wow. Pants fall under the category of things I don’t pay excessive amounts of money for. And $80 is excessive. So is $50 for me.

    But I know that many, many people pay more than that for pants, so to each his own.

  13. True, you have good calves for skinny jeans.
    I’ve never owned any because I don’t.

  14. Jen C says:

    i still don’t have the guts to try on skinny jeans. i’m a size 10 with an hour glass figure and a fear of looking like tweedle dee from alice in wonderland. however i may just have to bite the bullet and try some on.
    ps you look super cute in your skinny jeans :)
    pps guys in skinny jeans=not good. as a dear friend of mine says: skinny jeans on guys are like a cheap motel, there’s no ball room

  15. Alexa Mae says:

    oh my goodness! skinny jeans were made for you. you look fabulous!! i love love love your style. you are so darling and so funny! what more can a girl be?

  16. amy says:

    holy cow I’ve gone through the same thing! I hated skinny jeans and then for some dumb reason I tried some on in the store–and loved them. But they were too stinking short and looked idiotic. I’m still searching for a pair of boots to wear with them, because I bought them anyway. And while I look for boots, I’m still looking for pants that are long enough.

  17. Amy says:

    So I came across your blog and saw the pictures of you in your skinny jeans. You look so cute in skinny jeans that it inspired me to go try on some at the mall. I however did not look nearly that cute and will hold of on buying some until my bum and thighs are not so pudgy. If you are looking for cute skinnies (they are expensive though) seven for all mankind makes them and they come in a 36 length.

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