Huh. Well, I guess that settles that.

Fearful Fatty, the anonymous person in need of help on my most recent skirt-flying post, came out of the woodwork to clear some things up regarding my last post:

Well, thanks for all the comments, guys. A few bits of FYI: I was not in the least offended by Camille’s advice of “Get over it.”

Carly: She absolutely did not make this up. If you know Camille at all, you’ll know that she seriously cannot comprehend this situation, and therefore could not make something like this up. What’s more, she’s not a liar. I am a real person, and for you to question my existence is insulting. If you seriously don’t believe I’m real, e-mail Camille and she’ll give you my e-mail address. I’d be happy to have a few chats with you via e-mail.

Anon.: I was not offended in the least. Unlike you, I know Camille well, and I understood what she meant when she said, “Get over it.” She wasn’t trying to hurt my feelings. Perhaps she should have been a bit more careful in her word choice for those who don’t know her as well; for me, it wasn’t an issue because I know her and her writing style. I’ve been reading AoOL long enough to be able to “hear,” if you will, Camille’s writing tone. This post was not meant to offend in the least, and it certainly wasn’t meant to alienate or criticize me. And for the record, anon., Camille has been to my house, and she knows what it’s like. She wasn’t assuming when she said all those things about it.

To everyone else: Thanks for your advice. I’m certainly going to have to think about it. After reading all the comments, it sounds like what you all said, ironically enough, was to get over it, however I can. Your words may have been a bit different than Camille’s, but the message was pretty much the same. And I’m going to work on doing that. It seems so silly and trite now that I see it in writing. Thanks for the pointers.

And for heaven’s sake, leave poor Camille alone. She really was just trying to help. We’re going to have to start calling HER Poor Camille if all these mean commenters keep acting up.

Oh sure, I suppose I could’ve been really pathetic and written that myself, trying EXTREMELY HARD not to sound like myself or use the word “dadgum,” but really?  What would be the point?  I didn’t write it—I was too busy sleeping in.  Priorities, people.  I keep my priorities straight, and sleep always comes before pathetic measures to procure blog traffic.  Always.

Don’t worry, though—I’ll be giving my advice column another go just as soon as someone decides to put faith in “a 22 year old with no college degree, children or EMPATHY.”  (My favourite part is the “children” bit.  I have no children; therefore, I am worthless?  Brilliant logic.  Anyway, half of those jibes [22 year-old with no degree] I wrote myself in the actual post, and that’s the beauty of being insecure—if I insult myself before anyone else has the chance, anonymous words from anoymous commenters don’t ever hurt me.  {But by all means, anonymous “friends,” do continue to try.  It keeps things interesting.  I’d hate to scare off the best content that happened to this blog since the last times all hell broke loose.})

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9 Responses to Huh. Well, I guess that settles that.

  1. Jami says:

    well LAST time I tried to comment on your blog I had a roach crawl on me…I hope this time it goes a little better?
    I moved my computer from off the couch and STILL have not set foot even close to that piece of funiture…who knows if I ever will?
    But I loved the drama…feel free to ruffle peoples feather ANYTIME you want

  2. Anonymous says:

    Well said, Mill. Enough of the blogging drama. Let’s move on with life and have some superb posts.

  3. Irene says:

    I didn’t read the previous post in time :S but I just can’t believe people can be so mean – even to imagine you faked it all… anyway, I’m glad other people were sensible enough and tried to help FF, which I think you also did as well, even if you didn’t know how :)
    I myself think like that sometimes, and I try to convince myself that I can get over it alone. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. But I’m happy to know that I have people supporting me (even, or especially, when I’m wrong).
    Keep posting! :)
    BTW, the no ‘poo experiment has been cancelled at the moment. Happy you’re still on it.

  4. Whitney says:

    Way to go Camille. Dont let silly people bring you down. Besides alittle controversy never hurt anyone.

  5. Rachel says:

    Don’t forget that you’re a married 22-year-old with no college degree, children, or empathy. That marriage thing qualifies you to give all sorts of advice. Or is that just in Utah?

  6. RatalieNose says:

    I like this FearfulFatty person! She’s my newest hero!
    Camille, you never fail to make my day.

  7. Rachel says:

    Sometimes not being able to relate to a situation helps you give unbiased advice that turns out to be the solution that others might be too empathetic to see.

    So I high five you!

  8. Christal says:

    camille that was great love the clearing up!!! And thanks for the adorable gift truthfully if I had picked them out myself those are the exact pair I would have got!! Geat minds think alike right thank you so much!!
    I love all these feather ruffling posts great work!! Keep it up seriously love you!!!! I always look forward to reading your blog it makes me smile!!!

  9. DeAnna says:

    Great rebuttle, I didn’t finish reading all the other comments until after I read this post, wow there were some more harsh words! You certainly know how to “ruffle feathers”. I actually went to the link to your whole Birth Control post that I had not previously read, I read the comments & had a great laugh! Thanks for the entertainment!

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