Hypothetically Speaking

Here’s a thought:  If this blog were to self-destruct 24 hours from now, what post would you print out to save as a hard copy?

Or, if you don’t like any of my posts enough to rescue, what post of your own would you save if you knew the internet was going to eat it?

In other words, I’m looking for links to your very favourite material on the internet.

Please?  And thanks.

{Also: I am stranded in Montana.  I have no clean underoos.  I spent an hour last night writing about it, pictures and everything, and when I pushed “Publish,” guess what happened?  IT DISAPPEARED.  I thought it was a sick, sick joke.  Turns out, it was my reality.  Have I mentioned that I hate technology?  No amount of moaning or whining or gnashing my discoloured teeth would make it come back—it was absolutely, irreparably, completely gone.  I almost deleted my entire blog, I was THAT mad.  Instead, you know what I did?  I turned off the lights, closed my eyes, forgot to say my prayers (I’ll pray times two this morning) and slept for eight hours.  And guess what?

That old adage, time heals all wounds?  What a load of crap that is.

I still hate technology.  I still feel like deleting my blog.  So please, send some inspiration my way.  What GOOD has come from the internet?  I need a boost.  Please?}

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I'm Camille. I have a butt-chin. I live in Canada. I was born in Arizona. I like Diet Dr. Pepper. Hello. You can find me on Twitter @archiveslives, Facebook at facebook.com/archivesofourlives, instagram at ArchivesLives, and elsewhere.
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18 Responses to Hypothetically Speaking

  1. Amber Barnum says:

    Well, I just recently found your blog, so I am not sure I have one that I am ready to print out and keep yet… but, I am intrigued by your no ‘poo experiment. :-) I think, I would print out a lot of stuff from two blogs. First, I would print out EVERYTHING from Cake Wrecks, because oh.my.gosh, it is freakin hilarious, and I could read those posts over and over again and they would never cease to be funny. Second, I would print out a ton of stuff from Pioneer Woman, because 1. She is hilarious, 2. She takes amazing pictures, 3. She can COOK, and posts amazing recipes, and 4. Because I am super duper jealous and want to live where she lives. :-) So, check those blogs out, I am sure you will like them!!

  2. kat says:

    Hi from Camp!
    I would print Kyles Teeth episode OR all of the posts about your mom’s house and when you left there to come hom <– You described some of my own feelings so well!

  3. Cristin says:

    I’m writing this really quick, but I really liked the one you wrote about LDS girls that thought it was okay to wear bikinis. That is one of my favorites. I wish I would have written that one.

  4. Geneva says:

    I have no idea which post I would pick. They are all too good. There was an I like turtles joke up at girls camp this week so I thought of that one.

    But as for the good that comes from the internet, I feel connected to friends in ways that we never were in real life. I feel like we are better friends now than ever before even though I don’t talk to you often. I think it is easier to share things in a blog than you would in person. For instance, Jami would probably never have told me about her pacemaker, you probably wouldn’t have told me about Kyle’s teeth, and I wouldn’t make you sit through Greece pictures. But blogs give us that outlet. And the validation of show and tell without feeling stupid. No one forces people to look at your blog so you can write whatever you like. And comments say that people like it.

    Keep going Camille. It is worth the frustration.

  5. Christal says:

    you came from the internet!! I look forward to reading every single witty post you write and love getting to know you better!! Cheer up and there are a few good things on the internet right!!

  6. ann marie says:

    1- Everyone feels like deleting the blog every once in a while.. but don’t do it.
    Take a break if you have to.. but don’t do the extreme yet…
    I am curious to where this bikini one is.. I want to see it! ~ And you can’t delete yet.. I still havent seen your red hutch!

    I have contemplated going private because I have had a crazy life and want to document some of my stories.. but I also don’t want wives of my ex’s coming to hunt me down, and to be honest.. I even hate going to private blogs, because it’;s extra work.. and I’m lazy.

    I like many of your posts.. you are a good writer, and I would come to your blog, and I don’t surf blogs.. so that should be a compliment. ( not that I’m anything special..) but you capture my attention! :)

    I have no time right now.. and lots to blog about… but have chosen to put the blog on the back burner until I feel all caught up. Maybe a week… maybe two.. we’ll see..
    But, I LOVE blogging, and I LOVE meeting new friends all over the world. I think it’s a great support system for many of us stay at home mom’s to feel like we can have some grown up time too, and I have been able to share my testimony with MANY non-LDS women in Germany that follow me.

    One reason I like you is your not afraid to be real and bold. I like that. I think too many girls say things on their blogs that people want to hear rather than being true to themselves. I can TOTALLY tell when they are like that. I can also tell when people come to my blog to be friends, or just for comments. It’s weird that you can tell alot about people you don’t even know. :)
    Anyways.. sorry for all of my rambling. It probably doesn’t even make sense.. :)
    I vote: Don’t go!!

  7. Carmen says:

    Hmm I will have to think on that one and time to go through some old posts. Hey since I can’t talk to you on the telephone, I will ask you here. What did you think of the bunkbeds and refinishing them? What kind of paint would you suggest or do you think we should go the spray paint route. Just let me know. Sorry I missed you. And also don’t think a second about the piano thing. I know you aren’t copying me and you have been thinking about it for years. Definitely do it. I know there is a demand for piano teachers here in Raymond. Gotta run. When are you home? Are you at the lake or just on the road with Kyle?

  8. Jennifer says:

    I like you. You comment on my blog. It makes me feel special. Kinda like you are a celebrity and I am a fan and you actually comment on MY blog (insert *swoon* and faint here). LOL. Seriously, I enjoy reading your posts…all of ’em. However, is it wrong that I think about you in the shower now too?…while I am slathering my hair with shampoo, geesh! I am not THAT stalker-ish! Umm, I think I just crossed my own line! :) Keep up the inspiring blogging!

  9. Kristy says:

    That’s frustrating, my hard drive just crashed and now I have lost 100’s of pictures, i am SO glad I have a blog because those are the only pictures I have of anything for like a year or two of my life. You know my parents have a washer and dryer right? lol and not a bad place to be stranded at, in my opinion.

  10. RatalieNose says:

    I’m not gonna lie, I’d just save your entire site….and mine…haha and Bekah’s because she’s extremely insightful and her children are beyond precious. jenningsstory.blogspot.com

  11. Holly Decker says:

    this is such a hard assignment… sorry i am letting you down on this one…

  12. Jethro says:

    You’re stranded at Deb’s cabin? Poor you!

    Sorry ’bout the techno difficulties, that’s never happened to me, but i have deleted my blog twice, as you know, and you and your MIL were my only encouragement to start over, so, don’t do it. i’m the king of rash actions, and almost always regret it.

    If you’ve got some time to kill, what do you think of all the beautiful nature around the cabin? Would you consider a plain ole Jethro style pictures only post? I’ve not been to the cabin, but i’ve heard from everybody it’s a lovely place, nature wise.

  13. I would want to save my entire blog, because it is my only form of journaling, and my daughter MIGHT want to go back and read about it one day… (redrawlins.blogspot.com)

    I think the great thing about your blog is that what you write each day, is a new breath of fresh air, and always make us want to come back for more.

    I think I would shed a tear if you deleted this blog… because, we have watched it transform into what it is, and loved the journey.

  14. Anonymous says:

    How funny that you ask this, because I was randomly thinking about the post I would save today…Strange…It was the one you wrote a long, long time ago about passing by the old woman who was stranded with a flat tire and not helping here. It was just so… I don’t know. I guess it made me think about me and how quick I am not to do the right thing. Maybe it was a little too close to home, and that’s why it has haunted me since. Also, I believe it was one of your best-written posts, if my memory is serving me correctly. That one is my favorite, by far. When did you write that, by the way? I think I need to go back and re-read it.

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  16. Don’t delete your blog. I have been busy the past couple of days and I would miss your wonderful words of wisdom.

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