I was abducted by Martians and all you get is this lousy post.


You GUYS, you’ll never believe what happened to me this past week.

Martian AbductionIT WAS CRAZY WITH A ‘K.’

If I told you I was abducted by Martians and taken into outer space {the final frontier} and probed, poked, and prodded all in the name of science {and a good time for the Martians}, but ultimately unharmed and returned completely unscathed exactly one week later WOULD YOU BELIEVE ME?

You should, because it would take a catastrophe of alien-abduction proportions for me to abandon my blog (and readers) for an entire week.  I won’t let those dirty old Martians take me again.  Ever.  I promise.  {Although I will admit that the one and only other time I took off more than four consecutive days of posting was in July of last year.  Suspicious, no?}

Anyway, this is not a real post I’m writing—it’s just a little teaser, a throwing-you-a-bone, to let everyone know I’m not dead and the Martians have returned me in one piece.  Fear not, good friends.  Fear not.

We’ll be back to regularly scheduled posting on Monday, but for now, you can read a guest post I wrote for my blog friend Alexa (of It’s a Love Story notoriety) right here.

And you don’t want to miss it, because it’s always a good time when I commandeer other people’s blogs and run amok.

Amok.  Amok, amok, amok.

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4 Responses to I was abducted by Martians and all you get is this lousy post.

  1. niki says:

    i liked your guest post.

    i’m glad you’ve been a gone a while cuz so have i…

  2. RatalieNose says:

    You are alive!!!!
    I was worried!!!
    Welcome back friend!!

  3. anna says:

    I’ve been wondering where you’ve been. I didn’t think of an abduction, that was just too obvious.

    I haven’t used shampoo since Tuesday and it’s the most disgusting thing in the world. My hair feels like someone dumped a melted candle on it.

  4. Maureen says:

    Boycott shampoo! Demand real poo!

    I shampooed my hair twice in one shower this week and thought of you. My hair was really dirty. As in, it had actual dirt in it.

    I realize this has absolutely nothing to do with this post, so, welcome back to blogging!

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