I Won.

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In Mayberry, we all get our mail delivered to the community watering hole: The Post Office.  This, being very different for a big city girl like me, has taken some getting used to.  I have been known to go entire weeks before remembering to fetch my parcels.  When we first got married, the postal service workers simply stopped putting flyers in our box; they took up so much room, and space was a precious commodity in a box that is exactly one inch cubed.

In my defense, the PO doesn’t have a drive-thru.  If it did, I’d go every day.  (And I wonder why I’ve put on weight…)

Thankfully, I’ve pretty much gotten my act together.  Usually I remember to swing by the watering hole at least twice a week.  Last Friday night was just such a day.

Having a bit of spare time before needing to start dinner, I decided to fill my daily quota of exercise by walking to the watering hole and picking up our mail.  I grabbed my iPod™, bundled up, and headed out.  The walk itself was uneventful, and I shoved the stack of papers into my backpack before even looking at them.

By the time I got home, it was time to start fixing dinner, and as soon as Poor Kyle walked through the doors we sat down to eat.  After dinner, he went to unwind in the basement with some newfangled Xbox™ game, and I stayed upstairs to catch up on blog reading.  Typical evening at our home…

…When all of a sudden, I remembered the mail in my bag.  Wondering if anything interesting had come, I fetched the satchel and began rustling through the papers.

First I found an ad for Satan’s supermarket:

Rubbish.  These always go straight into the recycling bin before the devil can tempt me with his “good deals.”

Next was a holiday card from a longtime friend…

…which is now hanging on my fridge.  Thanks, guys!

…And then I spied an envelope bearing my new university’s letterhead.

“Oh, bother,” I thought, “What could these guys possibly have to tell me that couldn’t be sent in an email?  It’s got to be some pamphlet garbage.”  In case you couldn’t tell, I’m very suspicious of universities and their mail-outs.  (My days at ASU turned me into a bitter hag, I suppose [something in the water out there]).

Then I noticed which department had sent it…

‘Scholarships and Student Finance?’ Well, I know I didn’t get a scholarship because I missed the application deadline, so this must be something to do with my tuition.  But it’s not due until February, so it can’t be a late bill…  They better not have raised my fees!  Dirty crooks…”

I opened the envelope and briefly scanned the words on the enclosed letter.

Then I scanned the words again, a little less briefly.

Then I re-read each and every syllable, just to make sure I wasn’t seeing things.

Can you believe what this university did to me??  See for yourself:

International Entrance Award…I’m nothing if not an international enteree…

A thousand bucks.

They totally gave me money that I didn’t ask for [I meant to ask for it, but I took one look at those scary forms with tax questions, and I put it off for too many tomorrows].  Sweet.  I’ll take it.

In retrospect, I can see that this may be a form of twisted manipulation: charging me three times the cost of residential tuition for no reason other than the fact that I come from a different country; then totally throwing me a bone and cutting my fees down to only TWICE as much what the other students are paying, in the hopes that they’ll gain my undying loyalty and approval…

…Actually, they may be on to something.  I am pretty stoked.  Although I don’t know what my school’s mascot is yet; that might be good to learn since I will be a member of this particular university’s alumni in a few semesters.

Anyway, I’ve had a really fantastic weekend.  I’ve lost a few pounds since Christmastime, I earned $1,000 for doing absolutely nothing, and I finally organised the hall closet which has been suffocating me since I moved here.


p.s.  I should also note that a big thank you goes to a different personal scholarhip backer who donated majorly to my cause of getting a degree.  Another chunk of change I didn’t even need to ask for. One that will help in so many ways. Thank you; it is very much appreciated.

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22 Responses to I Won.

  1. Holly Decker says:

    what a pleasant surprise!
    i , too have to admit that ASU made me a skeptical bitter hag! :)
    you are so good at being grateful… thanks for sharing what you have been up to this weekend i am always so very curious what goes on during a weekend for such a famous writer such as yourself. i always imagine up some scenario… and now i know the truth!
    as for the having to go to the PO in order to get mail? there is something so stinky about that… but i am glad to hear you are using it to get exercise :)

  2. Aimee says:

    That rocks! I love surprises in the mail. Thankfully, our mail box is attached to the house and our families love to fill it with random surprises.

    That Ah-SU water must be pretty strong because I too was feeling slightly bitter by graduation. However, that feeling was greatly dissipated with my own bonus from financial aid. $1800, post-graduation, from some random scholarship they had neglected to pay out to me my last two semesters. Such a blessing as we were trying to relocate and restart our lives in Michigan.

    Enjoy your free money high! You totally deserve it.

  3. niki says:

    what a lovely surprise. Congrats! I’m excited for you and you’re winderful news.

  4. whitney says:

    Oh my gosh thats the best thing ever!!! I love getting my Pell Grant in the mail. sadly, Zach will be the only one getting that from now on. Too bad cause I really liked the extra 1500 in my bank account.

  5. Geneva says:

    I think it should have come as giant check with balloons from canada clearinghouse. But it is still super exciting!

    P.S. I love that I’m on your fridge :)

  6. I know how to work the system… ASU gave me a bunch of money while I was there. I MADE money off of them during college.

    That sounded more like bragging than I meant it to. What I really wanted to say is CONGRATULATIONS! That’s awesome.

    Anyway, Camille… I just realized I’m one of those awful people that hadn’t updated your link to this new site. I blame it on Google Reader, which is pretty much the only way I read blogs anymore. But I just fixed the link, so you can love me again.

  7. Allison says:

    OOooooLaLa free money. Glorious!

  8. Camille says:

    Holly Decker– My weekends are boring. Just the way I like them. Now you can stop wondering!

    Aimee– They totally held out so that, receiving the money after you’d left, you would leave with a not-so-bitter taste in your mouth. Sneaky. Still, I’m glad you got it!

    niki– Thanks! I’m excited too.

    Whitney– By the time I’m a resident I will probably qualify for government “bursaries” (same as a grant). But by then I will be OUT of school, most likely. It’s a vicious catch-22.

    Geneva– That would have been exciting, but then it would have tipped me off. The best part was not having a SINGLE clue about it. Also…anyone who sends me GOOD mail gets featured on my fridge for at least a month.

    angela hardison– You should brag. It’s an awesome thing. I was at ASU on scholarship, too…until I got the first “F” of my life (first grade lower than a B, practically) and lost it. It was horrible at the time, but if it hadn’t happened I would have never moved to Canada and never met PK and never started this blog and never and never and never… Totally worth it. p.s. I took the same class a year later and got a 97%. I didn’t even need to take the final to get an A, but I did anyway. Stupid.

  9. Camille says:

    Allison– Ooh la la indeed! That’s what I said!

  10. raygon says:

    WOW! You are so lucky! Congratulations!

  11. raygon says:

    I meant you are so lucky you can WALK to the post office! Congrats on the money too, you lucky dog!

  12. anon10 says:

    That is so cool! Free money! And, you didn’t even ask for it. How lucky are you!

  13. sarah says:

    I do not like P.O. boxes either. Luckily, Jonathan and I were able to find a house in a neighborhood that doesn’t require a P.O. box. It does have the same 1 inch cubicles but it’s right across the street!! Hey guess what? You would have gotten a Christmas card from me if you ever sent me your address! Remember you said you would email it to me?? You never did. It could be hanging on your fridge as you read this. Oh well… not a biggie. It is always awesome when you get some extra cash! WOOHOO!!!!!! Good luck with school!

  14. anna says:

    Free money never gets old.

    If you want ASU to stop hassling you, have someone tell them you’ve passed away. It works, trust me. :)

  15. DeAnna says:

    Free money is always appreciated!! I know when I got my student loan funding somehow my mom remembered to apply for some bursaries/grants and I ended up with more than half that I had asked for I didn’t have to pay back as it was a gov’t grant..its always sweet when you get free money to pay for schooling. Enjoy yours!!! On a side note, I actually miss the Post Office. Don’t get me wrong, I like having my mail delivered to my box at the door, but there was just something about taking that two block walk to get the mail.

  16. Universities have mascots?
    Like the dude, or dudesse, dancin’ ’round in the furry costume?
    It seems your ‘new skool’ names all athletic teams as “Pronghorns”. Cool eh…very very prairie…like little house. (Heh, i already added UofL’s site to my faves).
    Your teams go ALL over the place, doin’ sports and stuff. Says it all, right there, in the ‘Pronghorn’ link, on the website.

  17. And hey, sounds sexier than “Golden Bears”.

  18. NobodyNose says:

    YayYayYay for cheap school!!!!

  19. Carmen says:

    Very few things make a day better than receiving free money. Yeah!

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