I’d Rather Not.

Q (from Aimee): My question (and excuse if I missed this post): Have you ever driven one of PK’s rigs on a roadtrip or are you always the passenger? Do you have any desire to drive such large mechanical beasts on long, open roads?

A (from Me): Hi Aimee! Good question. The answer is…no. Emphatically. No, no, never, no. Let’s do keep in mind that Poor Kyle’s “rig” consists of a Ford F-number-50 and a 52 foot-long wedge trailer. Nothing too ridiculous like a Peterbilt with a sleeper in back, or a “Kenworth hauling logs.” (I’ll give 10 points to the first person who knows from whence that quote originated.)

Poor Kyle, he loves this rig. Sometimes I suspect he loves it more than me…sometimes he admits it.

Though if we’re being honest (and we always are here at AoOL), Poor Kyle would give his two front teeth for a flat-top Pete with a queen-sized sleeper in back, complete with a fridge, microwave, and plasma TV.

{Good thing he has no front teeth to give, or I’d be in huge trouble.}

But back to the very important matter at hand. I have had occasion to drive the Fnumber50 once or twice since its purchase in February of this year. However, I married a man who cares–really, truly cares–about his posessions. And though I know he wouldn’t mind if I took his truck out for a drive every day, I know I would be ultra paranoid about…well…messing it up.

Add that paranoia to the fact that hauling trailers absolutely terrifies me, and you’ve got the world’s worst match as a wife for Poor Kyle.

I do, however, make a fairly excellent passenger. Nobody works the seat-warmer like I work the seat-warmer. Nobody.

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6 Responses to I’d Rather Not.

  1. Patti says:

    Hey, I’m the first!! “Convoy”!!

  2. Jami says:

    I love that picture of you and kyle. I would be SO scared to drive one of those big trucks, witha trailer.

  3. Anonymous says:


    Ditto on that. What’s up with the men we married wanting to drive large vehicles? Brother!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I would so love to drive a truck. But I don’t want a monthly payment and with my camry I don’t have one.

    Pulling a trailer isn’t too bad, once you get used to it. But, 40 feet is too long.


  5. The Lowry's says:

    I have always liked riding in big trucks like that, although I learned to absolutely love little trucks too. Jeff had a little Chevy S-10 while we were dating and have many fond memories riding in it. Would you rather ride in your car or the big white truck? Oh and just as a side note the link to our blog is the old address so if you want to update it you can. I’m sure not many people who read your blog want to come read mine after reading your fantastic writing. But here is the new link anyhow

  6. Molly Shumway Rawlins says:

    I don’t know how I missed this post before.. but at any rate, I hate driving big trucks. My husband thinks he may be one of the only men out there who does not have the desire to drive/own a big truck, he is more of a fancy sports car dreamer. Good post.

    My husband calls me his built in GPS, because when he is driving, I always kindly and congenially advise him which lane is best to be in and how soon he will need to exit, so that I don’t get anxious with crazy driving.

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