I’m a Fool and Saturday Steals Recap

Hey, guess what?

Did you know that I am a total arse?

It’s true.

Need proof? Okay…

Once upon a time, I received a gift in the mail. It was a lovely gift. It was 100% free to me, and something that I would actually use and probably really like. But instead of being thrilled about my gift, instead of thanking my beneficiary profusely for her kindness and generosity, do you know what I did? DO YOU?

I turned on my computer, went to my blog, and publicly announced that I would rather have had the cold, hard cash instead of my lovely gift.


Yes, my friends, it turns out that my Saturday Steal was a book I won in a giveaway over at I Heart Monster a few months ago.

There is no excuse for such behaviour. [But if there WERE an excuse (which there is not), it would probably be that the post announcing my win was published right during finals and immigration meetings during the spring, and I vaguely remember hitting “Mark All As Read” in my Google™ Reader on more than one occasion (nothing against any of my blog friends…I just feel like I’m drowning sometimes when I see that 1000+ in my cache), so I never found the post declaring me the winner, and thus had no recollection of it when the book arrived at my house.]

Anyway, I’m sorry, I Heart Monster. I’m a fool. And thanks for the book.


In other news, there were a lot of good steals that were NOT humiliating! Let’s recap, shall we?

Geevz from Hazardous Undertakings flew FIRST CLASS for FREE (one of my goals in life, by the way). Pictures, please!

Ros from Ticklepea got a whole slew of antique books for £2.50.

Nain from View from Down Here got two nights for the price of one at a fancy hotel (pictures, please!).

I Heart Monster got books online for up to 91% off their original retail price. She also got an hilarious story and priceless autograph from an author she likes (but you’ll have to read the story to learn the delightful details).

Chloe’s ferret, Stitch, from My New Life as a Housewife, got some free bling in the mail.

Maureen from Adventures in the Underground got a FREE oil change (no small feat, considering I just took George Jettson to have the same procedure last week and left a cool $220 poorer). Pictures, please!

And Chelsie from The Mind of a Gus got FREE furniture—and it’s beautiful, too!

If you missed these posts over the weekend, feel free to click on over to check out all the great deals.

As for me, I’m off to lick my wounds of humiliation and probably drown myself in DDP.

That, or a vodka tonic.

(Is there such thing as a vodka tonic? I am not a drinker, so I don’t know.)

(Maybe I should’ve just said “whiskey sour” from the start. I’ve always liked the sounds of that particular liquor. It has such a bitter, brooding, cynical feel to it, doesn’t it? Whiskey sour–like the Earnest Hemingway of alcohols. It’s the sort of drink Chuck Bass would order, I think.)

I’ll have a whiskey sour, then.

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4 Responses to I’m a Fool and Saturday Steals Recap

  1. Shesten says:

    Yes, there is such a thing as a vodka tonic. No, I do not recommend drowning your woes in one. Especially since they’re IHM inflicted. Don’t worry about it, seriously. We hope you enjoy the book. And totally understand why it was confusing, since the publisher sends them out directly, and if you missed the announcement post it’s totally understandable. We still ♥ you!

    Though, my Spencer steal was definitely humiliating. Totally. *grin* *sigh* I still can’t believe I did that.

    So for me to be upset would be like me calling you a kettle, or black, or something to that effect. I’m too stressed out playing mom to an 18-yr-old to straighten metaphors right now ;p

  2. Shesten says:

    Oh, but if you are gonna get wasted, I’d suggest the much more enjoyable drink – piña colada.

  3. Maureen says:

    whiskey sour does not sound very delicious. i’d go with a margarita. tequila always makes everything better… for a little while :)

  4. chelsie says:

    One day, when I have more motivation… those nasty paneled walls will not be like that!

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