Introducing Project: Proxy

So I was thinking…

…I’m an adventuresome soul.  I like to do things—exciting things.  I’ll do just about anything once, as long as it’s not illegal or immoral or seriously life-threatening.

Don’t believe me?  I’ll prove it:

•I moved to Belgium to work as an au pair for a family that spoke primarily French.

•I’ve been skydiving (stupid, but I’m glad I did it).

•I’ve gone for weeks without shampooing my hair.

•I have walked the streets of New York City all by myself, and rather enjoyed it.

(This image is from different trip, but trust me, I’ve done it alone.)

•Ditto Paris, for an entire week. (By the way?  AWESOME.)

•One time, in Amsterdam, I woke up at 5 a.m. to wander the streets all alone with only a map in Dutch (I don’t speak Dutch) just so I could be first in line at the Anne Frank Haus.  I totally was.  (Also? AWESOME.)

(Blurry, yes, but I promise it’s me: look at the red shoes for proof—they went with me everywhere in Europe.)

•I get waxed all over, and sometimes I even do it myself.

•I would very much like to try my hand at white water rafting sometime in my life.

So you see, I’m not afraid of much.  (That last sentence is a complete and total lie.  I am afraid of being stabbed, of bearing children, of killing my children, of car accidents, of kaleidoscopes {those things are crazy}, of being raped, of amnesia, of bugs and mice, of government corruption, and of global warming. And also Jack Bauer.) What I should have said was, “So you see, I’m not afraid to try new things.”

Enter Project: Proxy.

What is Project: Proxy?  Your wildest dream come true.

No, but really.  Project: Proxy is your chance to live your life through me as a proxy—as a surrogate, if you will, except without the smoking-hot robotic body and the drug addictions and dysfunctional marriage and crazy computer brains.  In an attempt to make this year more interesting than any year I’ve lived to date {and also to give me something to blog about, and also because it sounds fun, and also to open my horizons to adventures I might not have ever considered}, I am volunteering myself to be your proxy for the year.

Have you ever seen something that you’d like to try, but have been worried it might not be worth the money/time/energy invested?

This is your chance to find out! I will do it for you—anything and everything you suggest—as long as it is not:

a) immoral

b) illegal

c) more than $50-100, or

d) seriously life-threatening.

I’ll take on your requests once or twice a month (more if they aren’t too expensive), and update all y’all on the Tuesday following the day of experimentation.

So if you’ve ever wanted to…

-Buy a pair of pointy-toed shoes and figure out what to wear them with.

-Try out a boyfriend blazer.

-Seek and identify the best french fries known to mankind.

-Review any book or movie.

-Learn how to skateboard.

-Try any recipe.

-Cut your hair super short.

-Learn Dutch.

-Purchase something off an infomercial that sounds cool (ShamWow™, anyone?).

-Go ice skating.  And document it.

-Attempt the Gallon Challenge.

-Give up something for Lent.

…or anything else with the potential for extreme, hilarious, epic failure…

…This blog is giving you the opportunity.

I am opening up the lines for suggestions, starting now and ending never.  Feel free to email me suggestions at:


or leave a comment on any post at any time and I will file it away for future reference.


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15 Responses to Introducing Project: Proxy

  1. jacque says:

    please review the shake weight and let me know if it tones your arms to be sexy so i wont have oprah arms when i’m older!

  2. Jordan says:

    I’m thinking about giving up sugar for lent. I’m not sure I’m strong enough to make it through. Maybe you could try first ;)
    And by sugar I mean cake, cookies, granola bars, anything with processed sugar, NOT fruit and stuff with natural sugar.

  3. Lisa says:

    This is going to be awesome! I’ll have to think of something good…

  4. Cristin Lassen says:


  5. lindsay says:

    you’ll probably hate me for this, but i’ve always been intrigued by the idea of the “polar bear swim.” on the one hand i think it sounds slightly exhilarating, and on the other, a bit suicidal and almost more than my little arizona brain can even handle imagining.

  6. katy says:

    LOVE IT!

    Hey, are you done with the poo project?!? I missed the memo!

  7. Alyssa says:

    I’m sure I have a bunch of ideas in my brain somewhere, but since I’ve been thinking about how pale I am lately, I suggest this: spray tanning. I’ve been wanting to try it for a few years, but 1. I’m afraid of how it will come out and 2. I feel like I would freeze my butt off while getting it done. I’ve seen people get really good results, and I’m actually considering getting it done before my 10 months pregnant self has to go to a share of weddings and other events in May.

  8. Julie James says:

    My comment is on Jacque’s Shake Weight post. I actually own the Shake Weight. I bought and am surprised at how much i love it now. I thought it was so kind of joke from the commercials but when it comes to results, it’s no joke. After the first time i used it, my arms hurt. I’m going to attribute it to the dynamic inertia thing they talk about. I have no clue what that is, but my arms are toned. So i suggest everyone who wants a better upper body to really check it out. Their website is

  9. Jeff L. says:


  10. Jeff L. says:

    Ok, I threw the last comment up there because I already knew what the response would be. Maybe not the exact wording of it. On a more serious note, have you ever tried to see how many habaneros you can eat whole without losing your lunch? I can hold one down. That would make for a charming video post. :)

  11. Allison says:

    Yes, try the Shake Weight… I actually had the site bookmarked on my homepage for a bit, but chickened out.

  12. Marilyn says:

    How about a triathlon or duathlon. I’m doing a triathlon in Nov. and I’m scared to death. My husband suggests scuba diving or swimming with sharks. Good luck!

  13. Jeska says:

    I think you should see if you can even find an online legitimate job.

  14. krystal brauer says:

    so as much as i love my kids and adore them and deff want more im not so great with other peoples kids (roll your eyes and cringe, go ahead) but im nothing but honest. so i wouldnt be able to do this myself but i think its a neat concept. be a “big sister” find a boy or girl that needs some guidence and be thier big sis! i think finding one would make for a good blog and how well you maintain your insanity would be a fun blog to read =)

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