It’s a little drafty in here.

As it stands, I have 25 posts in my Drafts folder right now.

They are only drafts because most of them did not have the brevity to carry an entire post on themselves, so they were discarded into the Drafts folder until I could expound on them later.

Right; like that would ever happen. Me, with the attention span of a tuna. No way.

So they’ve been bugging me, and this week I’ve decided to weed them out of my life once and for all. I have a dream, my friends. I have a dream that someday I will wake up without the shadow of drafts hanging over my head. That someday I will finally live in a draft-free world, where I can open WordPress™ and not be burdened by guilt and shame at the sight of my numerous extensive failures.

It’s a great dream, and it begins today.

For the drafts that won’t ever amount to much of anything, I am either going to copy out worthwhile snippets and paste them into this post, or simply delete them altogether. Then, I will take the remainder of the drafts—posts that I really do need to finish—and finish them.

A novel idea.


Snippets of Drafts:

“I’m turning 23.  Who even cares about turning twenty-three?  Twenty-three brings neither the excitement of 21, nor the sophistication and divisibility of 25.  It’s easily the lousiest odd number between twenty and thirty.” (From Sept. 9, 2009)

“Some of my life’s most valuable lessons have revolved around SH!T.” (From August 19, 2009)

“I’m sure if I was the type of person to drink, I would drink Mike’s Hard Lemonade. It’s beautiful, and just the sort of drink a chic person like myself would carry. I mean, just look at it:” (From March 8, 2009)

*Photo from here*
“Poor Kyle has big shoes to fill: I read a lot of blogs, you know, and either the rest of the world is lying, or every other blogger’s husband is REALLY that romantic.  (Personally, I like to think you all are lying for the internet, but I guess that’s just the pettiness in me.)” (From Feb 19, 2009)
That’s all that could be salvaged. My Drafts folder is now whittled down to 9, and you can expect to see them posted within the next week or so.
It should be very cleansing.

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8 Responses to It’s a little drafty in here.

  1. anna says:

    Lots to say… I have far too many unfinished posts. But when I go back and read mine, I think, why did I think this sounded good when I drafted it?

    Glad you had a nice hiatus with your PK. Sometimes life is crazy and I realize eventhough I am around my husband, we don’t spend time together.

    Maybe it’s just me, but more often than not, when I have a night without the kidlet, it’s never as fun as I think it will be. That may be different if I wasn’t working though…

  2. Cristin says:

    That is too funny. I also have tons of drafts… mostly ideas that I write down that I’m supposed to go back to later and turn into posts. You’re brave. I would never post my drafts. They sound idiotic.

  3. The husband that I am married to isn’t that romantic either. I did get roses recently which was CRAZY SHOCKING but they were pretty much half dead. Maybe someone paid him to take them off there hands? I think husbands have many more wonderful qualities then being romantic, like weeding the yard. That is sort of romantic. Or taking out the trash. He used to mop the floor…he still cleans the garage. I think we just need to change what we are grading them on : )

  4. Hilarious! I completely agree about every blogger’s husband being amazing – seriously? Where are they finding these perfect guys? I’m totally jealous.

  5. Alaina says:

    That’s hilarious. I love that some of life’s valuable lessons have revolved around shit. So so true.

  6. You should do Random Tuesday’s Thoughts. Most people take their little snippets of drafts and put them together in a post.

    After I cleared out my drafts sometime last year I feel that I have the opposite effect. I look at my lack of drafts and feel that I am not prepared. Then I feel pressured to produce. Maybe I should put a couple of drafts in there just to keep the pressure off.

    The best of skill in clearing out your drafts folder,

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  8. Tiffany says:

    Good idea from that Christopher (CaJon). I think your snippets are pretty darned funny and deserve to see the light of day, even if it’s with the explanation that you can’t or won’t flesh out the ideas in them. =)

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