Let’s get this over with.


For a Saturday Steals recap of the weekend’s steals, click here, scroll to the bottom of the post, and visit all six links of all six participants. (Sorry—I’m too worn out to chronicle them here this week.)


I have decided that for the next four months, I will only be hosting ONE (1) Saturday Steals link party per month. This is not because I hate you or I hate Saturday Steals—nothing could be untruer.

It’s just that I am weary with all I’ve got going on this semester, and Saturdays seem to be creeping up faster than they used to could.

Plus, although my blog is (always) a priority, in this current state of mental crisis, it has been knocked down to third or fourth or tenth on that list of priorities, right under Get Straight As and Keep Poor Kyle Interested In Me and Maintain Contact With My Family and Wash My Face. I will still be posting (see below), but I had to take a look at what was most stressful, and Saturday Steals was the main offender. It needed a bit of an attitude adjustment, is all.

Don’t worry, I will announce every week how long it is until the next one, so forgetting shouldn’t be a problem. I fully expect to go back to the weekly version after December, but who knows, maybe we’ll all like it better this way. (However, if you hate change and you still want to do a weekly Saturday Steals, you are welcome to continue posting one per week, and then link up ALL of them on the Saturday Steals day. Overachiever.)


In keeping with my resolution to pare things down a bit, I am cutting back my posting to three days a week. This decision shouldn’t affect you one way or another, inasmuch as my normal goal five-days-a-week is hit and miss anyway. I’m really only telling you to make it official. I want to focus more on the quality of my writing, and to do that five days a week on top of everything else is impossible right now. I will do my best to commit to three solid posts every week, and I will have to be okay with that.

(Also, I am submitting this blog in my portfolio for my creative writing class this semester, and somehow I don’t think my professor cares much about my awesome hand-crafted flowers or the price of my new favourite blouse. So…fewer gimmicks and more poems—that’s the name of the game this semester.)

I guess, by extension, it means that if you normally visit my blog for the gimmicks, you might need to take a break from me for the next couple of months. Ditto if you hate sonnets. (Just kidding, I hate sonnets too.)


I was sitting down to figure out the winners of the flower giveaway tonight, and it occurred to me that twenty five people entered the contest—the exact number of flowers I made. On a whim, I decided that it was a sign for me to be a selfless martyr and give away ALL the flowers I made. I have always wanted to enter a contest that I was guaranteed to win, after all—it seems like such a happy, joyful surprise.

So the choice was made. The emails have been sent. IF YOU ENTERED THE CONTEST AT ALL, YOU WON A FLOWER. Email me your address and I’ll mail them out as soon as possible. (p.s. Some of the flowers will have been worn, because like I said, I made 25, and I’ve been wearing them at random ever since. If that bugs you, you are free to abdicate your throne of Winner. Just lemme know.)

This will cost me a lot in shipping—I hadn’t thought about that when I was high on the thought of a contest with no losers—but oh well, now you know how much I love you.

As for the wonderful people who did all that extra work to win: I know it’s not fair that the lazy arses who barely put forth any effort STILL win a flower. Trust me, I know. And I know that you’re better humans than they are—you worked harder. You cared more. I’m sorry I made you do that. (But not very sorry, because I do appreciate all the potential readers you’ve pointed in my direction.) Please believe that I didn’t intend for your hard work to be in vain. Don’t be mad—you won a free flower! Hooray! (Plus, think of all those poor schmucks who figured they didn’t have a chance, so they didn’t even bother—they don’t get nothin’.)

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6 Responses to Let’s get this over with.

  1. Maple says:

    I love this because I never win anything and now I’m going to be getting a beautiful flower in the mail. You’ve made my crappy day so much better :)

  2. Spencer says:

    Yay for this post. Not that I’m terribly thrilled at your being stressed out, but I’ve always prefered your superb writing skills to the gimmicks. Granted, gimmicks bring traffic, but the writing keeps me as an audience member.

  3. Molly says:

    Today has been a win of a day for me. I was really hyped about writing up my Steal tomorrow. So I suppose I will just have to link them all together. Do you have a date set for the NEXT Saturday steal, so at least we can keep notes of all the awesome things we get over the course of the month so we can write about them?

    I am glad you are doing 3 posts a week, because that is about how frequent I am at looking at other people’s blogs… and it is a rarity that I myself post more than 3 posts a week.

    I know I only recently gave you kudos for five a week, but that was mostly because I thought it was a subhuman feat, ESPECIALLY knowing full and well all you have on your plate.

    All is well, and I am sure you aren’t going to lose any readers. I think the saddest part of this post was the flustered look on your face in that picture at the top of this post… it made me anxious, and worried for what was going to come next!

    love ya.

  4. Christal says:

    so do I count? you don’t have to ship mine if I did ha ha! They are so pretty! love the big jeweled ones! and you always make me laugh! great post and sarcasm!!

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