Make it and Lie

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The first thing I did this morning after waking up and visiting the loo was make my bed.


Growing up, I was encouraged but not required to make my bed every morning, so of course I never did. I was far too preoccupied with the important things in life like naming each piece of my rock collection or squeezing my eyes shut so tight that I’d see fireworks (and I wonder why I’m so dadgum blind). Making my bed was the absolute least interesting thing I could possibly think of to do, and consequently I never did it.

Fast forward a couple of decades and you have me—a grown(ish) woman, married and living far away from home, old enough to have a credit card and life insurance and just a few months away from being able to rent a car without paying triple—and I still never make my bed.

That is, I never did until a few months ago.

That was when I came home from a really miserable day of school to teach a long string of piano lessons and come up with something semi-edible for dinner. After all of that, the only thing I wanted to do was drag myself into our bedroom and crawl into a cozy bed.

But instead what I did was drag myself into our bedroom and collapse in a heap onto an even bigger heap made up of sheets and duvets and pillows and brownie crumbs. (I’m joking about the brownie crumbs.) (Or am I?)

Our bedroom was no sanctuary; it was a dungeon and I hated the sight of it.

The funny thing was, the room wasn’t really even messy. The dirty clothes were in the hamper. The clean clothes were hung in the closet. The only thing truly out of sorts was the bed, and that’s when it hit me: make the bed and you can make the room.


And an unmade bed breaks it.

I cringe a little bit to read those last two sentences. They are just a little bit too old-school-housewife-barefoot-in-the-kitchen-y for my personal preference. I feel like, in writing them, I am becoming everything I ever dreaded about the ultra-conservative mothers of my childhood playmates (you know the type—the ones who never allow their children to have sleepovers or even to stay up late on New Year’s Eve, the ones who don’t let their daughters choose their own outfit for school picture day, and yes, the ones who strictly enforce the make-your-bed-daily rule).

Still, as much as it is my nature to kick against those Pricks, the fact remains: I am a happier person when my bed is made (though never quite as happy as when I’m in it fast asleep).

So I made a resolution that day: I would take the Challenge of 30 (you know how they say it takes 30 days to make a habit out of something) to see if I could learn to love to make my bed.

The next day I forgot and didn’t get to it until 5:00.

The day after that, I remembered right before I had to leave for school.

The day after that, I really didn’t WANT to make my bed, but I did it anyway.

Day after day I smoothed those sheets and fluffed those pillows, and before I knew it I’d stopped dreading it so much. I’d stopped putting it off until right before it was time to get back in bed. I actually kind of looked forward to it.

I’m fully aware of the risk I’m taking in admitting this here. I know it makes me sound smug, and there’s nothing I hate more than smug girls bragging about crap like having super fast metabolisms or naturally curly hair or perfectly-made beds. But don’t worry, because I’m not smug. There are plenty of horrible habits I still maintain, like leaving used-up tissues lying around throughout the house, waiting until I literally can’t see my face in them before I clean the bathroom mirrors, and general clutter blindness.

But I can honestly say now that I make my bed every day.

I am the kind of girl who makes her bed every single day.



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14 Responses to Make it and Lie

  1. anna says:

    When I was younger, I didn’t leave until my bed was made perfectly. Not a wrinkle in sight. Then I got married and was usually gone before Jason was out of bed and got out of the habit. A little while ago, I realized how much I love a made bed, even if the rest of my room is a mess. So now, I try to make the bed every day. Of course I am laying in my unmade bed while I type this, but it’s rare, I promise. :)

  2. Anonymous says:

    ooohhhh!!! I like the new look! I haven’t clicked out in awhile to leave a comment. How long has it been this way? So sorry if it’s been eons and I’m just noticing. Anyway, hip, hip hooray on the bed making venture!!! As a former pseudo-feminist-turned-housewife I second everything you just said. It just makes for a good start of the day. I make myself make it before I can pee. Unless someone (not me) is still in it. Although I’ve thought about making it while he is still in it. That seems over the top even for me. I digress. Good on ya.

    P.S.: Where’s the smiley face at the bottom? I liked that.

  3. It’s very true – it does make the room look better.

    At the moment our bedroom is so small that my half of the bed is against a wall. I’m looking forward to being able to climb out of bed my side again as it will make making the bed much easier! It puts me off when I have to pull the whole bed out and climb over a load of stuff stored under the bed!

  4. Alaina says:

    My mom always made us make our bed before we could leave for school in the a.m., and to this day..I still make it. It’s just much more comforting to come home at the end of the day and crawl into a made bed.

  5. You are so right. I would much rather look at a made bed when I come home from work. I am going to start this habit tomorrow. Great points, Camille! You’re linked!

  6. People brag about having naturally curly hair? Bizarre. That seems like a terrible thing to brag about.

  7. Whoa. Your blog is all crazy now!

  8. VandyJ says:

    We don’t get all completely made but I do pull up the covers and straighten things up in the morning–mostly as defense against cat hair. But it is nice to have a relatively made bed to get into at night.

  9. Peg says:

    So…. you’ve become your mother? My daughter came to that realization not too long ago… that she was turning into me and I remember when I thought “Oh, God! I’m my mom!” It’s a vicious cycle! But… there are WORSE things you could be!

  10. Geevz says:

    Same childhood as me in that regard. It’s ridiculous how much better it makes the room. Annoyingly so. I’ve joined the ranks of reformed bed makers too.

    Most of the time.

    Well, some of the time.

    Ok, I’m trying at least.

  11. Geevz says:

    p.s. brilliant title

  12. Michele says:

    Sometimes I feel like making the bed is the only thing I’ve gotten done all day. It’s that sense of accomplishment I crave.

  13. Deanna says:

    I agree and disagree. Whenever I make my big pretty fluffy bed, it does make me happier and it definitely does make the room. I have gone through short phases of making the bed. But then I always stop when I realize that at the end of the day it takes me twice as long to actually get into bed and get the pillows and blankets where Michael and I like them (it’s a science really). But if I don’t make the bed I get to enjoy climbing into the exact spot where I left off the night before. Plus it saves me all of the making/unmaking the bed work. So unfortunately it’s a lose lose situation and I err on the side with less work involved.

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