Miss Philippines 2010’s Answer—Major Major Flop

Poor Miss Philippines 2010—did you see her answer?

I know how she feels, though.

I had a job interview today and it may as well have been a Miss Milky Way pageant (or whatever) for as nervous as I was. I don’t know, I’m normally pretty confident in my 23 years of existence, but for some reason I was kind of loopy today. My tongue kept getting caught on my teeth, my words sounded fake (and not even the good, convincing fake, but just…bad). I left feeling like I probably wouldn’t get the job despite knowing I would be a great match for it.

The worst part of the experience was that awful question (not unlike poor Miss Philippines’s) they always throw down in interviews:

What’s your biggest weakness?

I hate that question. (I especially hate that I forgot to think of an answer ahead of time. I always think of answers ahead of time, dang it!)

What a stupid question.

Yeah, right, jerk, like I’m gonna tell YOU my biggest weakness!

No Miss Galaxy contestant would never admit getting knocked up at 14, or running a huge gambling debt on her grandmother’s credit card—or whatever her biggest mistake was—on national television. By the same token, I would never tell a future employer how I hate waking up in the morning, or how many hours I’ve spent not only watching but also analysing Gossip Girl, or that I drink a DDP (or more) a day and I think I’m a little bit addicted to it, or that nine mornings out of ten I fail to make my bed, or that sometimes my farts trick me, or that I can’t seem to buy organic no matter what I do, or that I’m awkward.

No way. I would never do that.

And yet, I know you’re supposed to have SOME sort of answer for that ridiculous question…but like I said, I completely spaced it ahead of time. And I spaced it even worse during the actual interview. I mean, looking back, I could’ve at least used some sort of Michael Scottism—”I work TOO hard” or “I forget to take my breaks” or “I’m too awesome,” or something.

But no. I couldn’t even come up with one of those.

In the end, I did the worst thing possible: I basically said what Miss Philippines said during last night’s Miss Universe 2010 evening gown interview question: “There is nothing major major…I mean problem that I have,” or in other words, “I am perfect and you are not.”

Major major flop.

On my way home from the interview I walked around Mayberry hanging up more flyers for piano lessons. I figure one or two more students oughtta make up for my lack of gainful employment this semester.

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12 Responses to Miss Philippines 2010’s Answer—Major Major Flop

  1. jessica says:

    Might I just say that there is a reason why I have worked for myself for the last 20 years

  2. Geevz says:

    I’m with you! I hate that question. I always say something bleh about meeting the needs of all my students as individuals. I like it because it is pretty much impossible so no one can do and it seems safe. And it sounds like I’m really caring or some such nonsense.

    Like I’m really going to say, “I make fun of my students too much and I’m pretty sure someone is going to repeat what I say to their parents and I’ll get sued.” It just screams “please hire me!” What was the job that you applied for

  3. Rachel says:

    I feel your pain. I had a telephone interview for my dream job. I know I am totally qualified for it and I could hear myself saying umm all the way through the whole thing. I found out last week I didn’t get the job. I’m convinced it was because of my umms! I am qualified, dangit.

  4. HeatherPride says:

    That’s the worst interview question of them all. Hate it!! They should really retire that one – is anyone honest about it anyway? I mean really. I could have said my biggest weakness was blogging at work or playing around on the internet, which would have been true, but probably would not have gotten me hired!! Good luck!

  5. anna says:

    I always have the best answer for that one and I don’t think I have ever been asked it, darn it! That’s a bummer, but maybe you’ll still get the job.

    PS Seems as though Miss Philippines is the epitomy of a sterotypical beauty pageant participant and gives the impression that you have to be a complete airhead to be eligible.

  6. What is that guy doing wearing a bandana at a pageant? Seriously some people try too hard. Also, did you catch her swishing as she walked away? Maybe you should have done that. Oh wait, she didn’t win? And think how long she practiced that swish!

    What I hate about interviewers is that they never call back to say they didn’t choose you. Are you serious? I now know you by name, face, and voice and you don’t have the decency to call and say “Sorry, someone else fit better?” (when I’m using a quote at the end of a question I’m never sure how to handle the punctuation.)

  7. Dutch girl says:

    I thought the answer to that horrible question was “I’m a perfectionist..” followed by a contemplative sigh.

  8. Lorrie says:

    I hate when my mouth and my brain have arguments. Sometimes I sound really fake when I’m trying to be genuine, like when giving compliments even my sister calls me out on it by responding “stop being sarcastic!”

  9. Alaina says:

    ugh, job interviews SUCK. Sorry you flip flopped…
    on another note, there is totally nothing wrong with having a Gossip Girl addiction :-) I’m totally with you in that boat!

  10. Interview questions suck.

    You can tell them I told you so.

  11. Cristin says:

    That is a dumb question, so it deserves a dumb answer. When I was asked that question in interviews, I would usually say something like, “I’m a perfectionist… that’s my weakness.” But if I were asked that now I think I would actually call them on it and say that is the stupidest question EVER.

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