Everything worth sharing…

Is it presumptuous of me to give you a To Do list?

No matter—you’ll thank me once you’ve checked the items off the list.

A To Do List for the Readers of Archives of Our Lives (1/13/2010):

1. Listen to this song:

2.  Listen to this song:

3. Answer for me the following question:

“How the eff does just one of Taylor Swift’s albums have 11,323 positive reviews on the iTunes™ store, while the Avett Brothers albums have 500?”

Seriously, popular culture? You’re way off on this one.

That’s it.  Three little things to check off your list, and no matter how busy you are today, trust me: you’ll be glad you did these things.

The Avett Brothers’ music has been my constant companion since I first heard about them here a few months ago. There are not many albums I buy with my own money—in fact, I have purchased so few in my life, that I could probably list them by memory if I had the inclination to do so. Last year, I bought four: Bon Iver, Said the Whale, and two of the Avett Brothers’ albums.  The fact that 50% of my yearly music purchases have consisted of these guys…well…that’s saying something.

I will admit that I am torn on the issue of their facial hair:

avett-brothersThe Avett Brothers, in all their caveman glory.  Image from here.

On the one hand, I think any and all facial hair (besides the ever-attractive five o-clock shadow, of course) is disgusting and vomitous and particularly creepy in a child molester kind of way, and I really really hate child molesters of every sort. [Ditto their affinity for disgusting tank tops.  But what do ya do?]

On the other hand, I just really don’t know if these guys would be as amazing without their disgusting facial hair.  You know?  I can understand signature facial hair—it’s like signature sunglasses on That Thing You Do.

Hair or no hair, these guys are brilliant.

I want them to be successful; I want everyone in the world to see how amazing they are.  But then again, what if their fame goes to their heads and they get into drugs and women and become just another bygone tale of the tragic fallen hero?  I would be devastated.

Whatever you do, do NOT listen to these songs if your internet is shoddy.  There is no worse feeling than getting started on one of these songs and having it cut out because of poor WiFi.  Please, I beg of you—it is traumatizing.

So, if you do three things today, do the three things on this list. And then report back to me with your opinion of my new best friends.

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10 Responses to Everything worth sharing…

  1. Spencer says:

    I’ve listened to the Avett Brothers for a little while now and am a fan on Facebook. If you fan up, they will update their status when one of their albums goes on sale on Amazon. I picked up one album for $1.99 and two more for $5.99 each.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hmmm… Gotta be honest. Not a huge fan. I’d go for Taylor Swift any day over these guys. Sorry.

  3. Geevz says:

    Amen on the facial hair. I could go either way on the music though. Not bad, but I need something more energizing. They remind me of the Counting Crows.

  4. holly your fan says:

    so, i love your to-do list assignment. i seriously needed one.
    and i followed it exactly.
    so here, then, is my conclusion, which i think can be the ONLY reason why everett has 500 and taylor has some unheard number…
    the media dictates what they think we should think is cool.
    and thus, we cannot trust them.
    they OBVIOUSLY have bad taste. and they obviously emphasize the wrong people and wrong talents and wrong music.
    and i would go out on a limb and say that they do that with most things… BUT i dont want to be too hard on the media… because, after all, media is a vague word… and even blogs can be considered media. and i wouldnt want to put YOU into that category dearest… because you are one of the best writers, analysists, and truth bearers.

    the end.

  5. Maureen says:

    the second song is pretty good. i think one guy’s beard looks better in the second video and one looks better in the first. and taylor swift is more popular because 1) she is an attractive young blonde girl, and they are not. 2) 13 year old girls are probably more likely to be on the internets giving feedback for taylor swift than the fans of these guys are, and 3) people just haven’t heard of ’em.

  6. Kristen says:

    The first one is good but the second is definitely my favorite. I’m always appreciative of hearing about great bands. Thanks!

  7. TeamHaynes says:

    So I’m really glad about this whole listening to music thing. As I’ve said before, the basic fight that Taylor and I get into is music. We HAVE to decide what we are listening to in the car before we get in it because if we do not somehow a fight ensues and then I cry because I think we have nothing in common. I hate crying. And we have way more important things in common but you get the picture. To make the story have a point, thank you for something we BOTH like! YAY! It is rare indeed. You see Taylor has been on this strange indie kick for about a year now. Wow. For me to even remotely find something he likes has been a challenge. Thank God for Fleet Foxes. I just so happened to read your blog out-loud to him and we listened together to the music. It was a sign. The first thing I described was two guys with HAIR! I am totally with you on the child molester thing. Hoser seems to think his beard (not really a beard but in my head its over my limit of facial hair) is okay for now since he’s in college. Ok why not. Once kids roll around they are going to know their daddy as clean cut Mr. Handsome that mommy met in high school! But I’m glad I have someone to back me up on the facial hair thing. As for my critique on the music…very relaxing. What beautiful lyrics. Really, made me sign inside. I really enjoy people that are uplifting when they can be. I enjoyed Murder in the City the most.
    I’m very sorry you are not into Taylor Swift. I know we can’t debate because it might end up like the arguments I have with my dear husband so let’s agree to disagree. My thoughts are focused on why rap is so popular. I just don’t get it. Never have, never will. Another genre my dear hubbers likes. Not the “slap a hoe” thing or whatever they say. The better of it.
    Moving on. I would agree with you that more people should know about them. For sure! But the thing is sometimes music that is so wonderful is sometimes the best kept secret. They will inspire you in ways that others will not understand because they don’t know of the joy it brings you. Does that make sense? It’s like my love of Kim Walker. Beautiful Christian singer that not a whole lot of people know about. But when I’m listening to her in the gym working out, its like I’m at the church in Bethel (where she sings) and all the band is playing and its such an awesome time for worship. So we’ll see what happens. Maybe they will become super famous. Maybe not. If they do they won’t look like child molesters anymore. Let’s hope!

  8. Jen says:

    I had never heard of them before… but… I kinda loved the songs!

  9. I love the second song, only it’s driving me crazy because I can’t figure out where I’ve heard it before. Maybe David downloaded it at one point or something.

    Good to have you back to blogging! You were missed…

  10. Camberley says:

    You know exactly how I feel about Taylor Swift. I won’t go into further detail.

    Thanks for the link love. It makes me happy to see that someone enjoys my “Taking ‘Timeout’ Through Music” posts.

    Hope all is well!

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