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In putting pressure on myself to post only brilliant compositions on this blog from September to December of 2010, I accidentally shot myself in the foot. It ended up that I just didn’t post anything, because nothing I was writing was very brilliant.

So, for today at least, I’m just going to give a succinct little update about what’s going on in my life. It won’t win any literary prizes, but the reward (for me anyway) will be to stop feeling so dadgummed guilty for never blogging anymore.

So here’s how things stand:

1. School is horrid. But the good news is that I have reached that point I always reach near the end of the semester where I have all sorts of papers due and I’m not exactly sure how I’m going to get them done, but I at least have the presence of mind to realise that somehow, they will get done. I have never failed to finish a semester yet, and I will not fail now. Maybe I can’t conceive exactly how I will get from here (stressed) to there (done), but at least I know that in three weeks, no matter what, come hell or high water, I will be there. What state I will be in when I arrive is as yet undetermined. But I will be there.

2. I do not hate teaching piano lessons. {This should come as good news to those of you whose children I teach.} I confess that back in the summer when I resolved to start teaching piano again, before I ever actually had any students, I was a teensy bit worried I would hate teaching, given my propensity to hate most anything I have to do on a regular basis (like showering and checking for mail). I consider it a great blessing that not only do I not hate teaching piano, but also I find myself looking forward to seeing my students every week. The only bad thing is now that I have people coming to my house every week, I have to shovel the walk instead of just letting it pile up a la last year (and every year since I moved to Canada).

3. I got my fringe cut straight across. Not blunt-like (I’m not brave enough for blunt fringe), but not swoopy side bangs anymore either. Oh, fine, here’s a picture:

Although I am a forever fan of swoopy side bangs, mine had been getting on my nerves because they never stayed swoopy on me—they were more like droopy. My hairstylist says this is because I touch them too much throughout the day, which may be true, but only because they keep drooping into my face and I keep having to push them back to the side.

But don’t let’s go around assigning blame.

Instead, let us rejoice in the glorious truth that now my bangs are perma-droops, which means I never have to push them to the side and they never have to get greasy. They just sit there on my face like they’re supposed to.

4. Also (poorly) pictured is the necklace my mom gave me for my birthday. It is precious to me and I have worn it almost nonstop since it arrived in the mail:

5. It is snowing for reals now:

6. Oh, here’s a new development: Our house has decided to screw with us. For the past week or so, every time I have turned off the water at the tap in the kitchen, there has been a strange rumbling sound two rooms away in the living room. Poor Kyle says it is the pipes. I say pipes and be damned, we’ve got a ghost problem on our hands and we need an exorcist. Because the alternative would be that we have busted pipes, and at this point I would take an exorcist over a plumber. Exorcists are cheaper. And I really hate plumbing problems.

7. I’m making chicken chili for dinner. It is the first time I have tried this recipe, and the first time I have tried making chili with chicken for that matter. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

8. At the time of publishing, my Armpit Waxing YouTube tutorial has received over 43,000 hits. I consider this the greatest accomplishment of my life to date. You can watch it if you want. You can even read the comments—some of them are funny. Some of them are mean. But all of them are my own little pets.

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10 Responses to Of Note

  1. emma says:

    thank you camille ^.^!!!!!

  2. Liz says:

    Those YouTube comments are great!

  3. Geevz says:

    So I clicked on your youtube video to read the comments. I noticed the wax company commented on the video. That’s pretty freaking awesome!

    Good luck with the rest of the semester!

  4. Cristin says:

    I’m surprised you leave the mean comments on. I always go through my youtube videos and delete the mean ones! Guess I’m living in denial about what people think.

  5. Dutch girl says:

    Lovely necklace!
    Good luck with all the papers, I know how you feel (but someday you’ll graduate!)
    You have snow, we have rain… endless torrential rain.. sooo depressing :((

  6. Alaina says:

    I love the bangs! So cute! And what a beautiful necklace!

  7. jami says:

    Camille….why is it so freaking cold there???? Holy cow! Its not even jacket weather here yet!!! Also, your bangs are stinkin cute!!!

  8. Deanna says:

    Very funny stuff. I lived in Utah for a couple years and I hate snow. I read your post from before and I would pray for snow days every Sunday like a heathen. Love the blog and read it all the time, randomly.

  9. your bangs look cute. i miss mine (growing them out right now – which is reallllly hard).

    also over 43,000 hits on your video? awesome that so many people have seen your armpits :)

  10. Anonymous says:

    1. Hang on, hang on, hang on. School is almost over. You can do it, Gus-Gus.
    2. I’m very happy for you that you can make some money and not hate what you’re doing. Yay for money that is not taxed!
    3. I really, really like the fringe look. A lot.
    4. Your necklace is pretty. Kudos to Mom.
    5. I am so sorry. Truly.
    6. I’ll have Pres pray for your pipes.
    7. Not going to lie; chicken chili sounds gross. How did it turn out?
    8. You’re a YouTube super star!!!

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