Office Revamp: Part Almost There

I feel like any day that I don’t post real writing (as in the deep, profound stuff that best-seller books are made of {yeah right, as if I ever post that anyway}) is a cop out for my blog readers.

I don’t mean to cop you out. I’m just not having much room in my brain for deep thinking these days (actually, I have plenty of room for it…I just don’t have the faculties to write such thoughts down in a coherent manner).

Hopefully you’ll be appeased by this step-by-step photo montage of the way our office has changed since I last mentioned it


Note the cat-pee carpet (we don’t have cats, but calling referring to anything as “cat-pee” is kind of like my general reference to any unsightly fabric…carpet, upholstery, et cetera). Also note the out-of-control clutter due to lack of a proper organisational system {don’t let the filing cabinet fool you, that’s full of dry, crusty rubber bands and stray tampons}.

Also note the dinosaur computer that has never been used since the day it got moved in there. Also note the laundry basket. Don’t ask me why it’s there.

Before Before:

This is a more accurate display of what I had to work with. Ill-placed window, overbearing Ikea™ desk, and cords up the wazoo.

Oh, and the carpet. THE CARPET.

Last Before:

This photo best captures the colour of the walls in the office before I painted them. It featured poop plum with an accent wall (AN ACCENT WALL) of darker poop plum. Accent walls are great in their own right. Just not in dark poop plum. If you ask me.

Almost After:

Now, here’s an image of the walls painted Antique White by Behr™. I chose Antique White by Behr™ because my budget for this room was zero dollars and zero cents, and I had an entire gallon of Antique White by Behr™ sitting on a shelf in my garage leftover from the last room I painted, back in the glory days when I could afford to buy real paint on a room-by-room basis.

Poor little office. It’s the middle child, stuck between the first room I painted in my house, when I was newly married and high on the thought of my husband’s regular salary; and the future glory days when my husband’s regular salary will be added to my own and we’ll  be actually rich instead of just the pretend kind. The middle room gets the hand-me-downs of the golden child, and the final room(s) will get their own paint picked out special for them (and hardware from Anthropologie).

In my dream world, these walls would be grey.

Also, the above image shows the floors conveniently pre-primed for me. I was sad that the sub floor was whole sheets of plywood instead of nice wide planks. That would’ve looked sweet. Alas, I was forced to fill in the cracks as best I could and go with the epoxied-concrete look as opposed to the painted-wood-floor look. Maybe someday I’ll add wide grey stripes to soften my loss.

Current After:

The walls still painted Antique White by Behr™. The floors with the first coat of porch paint. (The trim still needs to be touched up. Again, in a perfect world, that baseboard would be six inches tall. But my world is not perfect, and that’s that.)

So there you have it. Tomorrow I’ll be painting the second (and hopefully final) coat of paint on the floor, touching up the trim, and shoving all my stuff back in there to make room for the guests arriving on Wednesday. Hence the hurry.

Hence the stress.

Hence the lack of decent posting.

Rest assured, though, that when the office is finished, you’ll be the first to see it.

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5 Responses to Office Revamp: Part Almost There

  1. Alaina says:

    Can’t wait to see the final product!

  2. Wow – I didn’t see that much revamping coming. I thought you were just going to organize. Way to step it up!

  3. anna says:

    I’ve never had the chance to rennovate/makeover a room… hopefully my golden opportunity is just around the corner. I’m excited to see the finished product.

    PS Just read your Jerk Gene post and I have to say, my mom told me once that she read some people are missing a part of the brain that cultivate compassion. I totally believe her (and have not once studied it myself) because some people really just don’t care.

  4. DeAnna says:

    I like that color, Antique White…it looks calming. I can’t believe you used porch paint for the floor in your office..that just sounds crazy, but I guess it would be a lot lower maintenance since it is meant to be outdoors. Hopefully you get it all finished before tomorrow!

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