Oh boy

I have lost count of the times people have seen Holden in the store and commented on what a beautiful baby girl I have. It happened once Tuesday and again today, and that was just this week. 

I never take offense to this because it can be dang hard to tell the difference sometimes, with babies. (Sometimes even with adults amiright?) And two days ago when the teething started to get bad, I put an amber necklace around his neck in the hopes that it would help. So yeah, he’s probably looking a little girlier than usual. 

I guess it’s because it never offends me that I’m always surprised at how many people are horrified to have gotten it wrong. “Oh my gosh!” they exclaim, “I’m soooo sorry!” Then they make it worse: “I just thought that outfit looked like something a girl would wear, oh my gosh I’m so sorry I can’t believe I did that! Ahh!” Some get so embarrassed and upset that I end up apologizing to them: “Nonono, don’t worry about it, it happens all the time, it must be his eyelashes or his womanly curves or something, I’m so sorry for bringing my clearly girly baby boy out in public and causing you this distress.”

I’m more Canadian than most Canadians I know. (Tidbit: as of last year I actually am Canadian!)

Anyway, it’s unnecessarily awkward and I wish I could do something to make him more identifiably boyish, not because I care, but because I hate feeling bad for people who feel bad because they think I do. 

With a girl it’s easy, you know, just put a bow on her and all is well. But with a boy, what? A necktie? Suspenders? Penny loafers? A tiny little pin that says “I have a penis?” 

Seems a bit extreme. 

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  1. Adell says:

    A hat. Try a hat. A masculine Old Navy hat.

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